Style-Delights: The Year That Was - 10 Posts That Show How My Blog Reflects 2011

December 18, 2011

The Year That Was - 10 Posts That Show How My Blog Reflects 2011

Independent Fashion Bloggers have this really cool IFB projects every week, and for this week's IFB project #26, they came up with the theme of "The Best of 2011". It gave me a chance to go through my blogposts and talk about my favorite ones! While reading my posts, I realized my blog mirrors not only my style but  also my environment! My blogposts could easily be juxtaposed with the events of our society and the world at large!  I blog therefore I am, but more importantly - I am, therefore I blog. Here are the links to some of my favorite posts from 2011, (the year I started blogging ..yay!) that reflect  my style and the bubble I call 'my world'!

2011 was about recessions fears,European debt crisis, budget cuts - From wall street to main street , we all are looking to stretch the buck. My blogposts about Star Style For Less do just that - Yes, we can look like a star on Target budget!

The one thing that probably defines 2011 is 'protesting'! Time magazine named "the protesters" their person of the year! From Tahrir Square, to Tunisia to Occupy movements, people spoke, and loudly! As a person I agreed with some and disagreed with some, and as a blogger, I protested too. My blogpost about  not being a fashion victim was my protest against fads! 

2011 was about The Royals - From a fairy tale wedding to scene stealing bridesmaid, we all fell in love (at least I did) with the British Royalty. I look back at this blogpost and fall for Kate Middleton all over again! 

In 2011, roughly 1 in 6 people blogged!!!  Blogospehre continued to inflate, and fashion blogging saw its own share of new blogs! They covered fashion weeks, launched brands, influenced opinions and generated millions in the ad revenues! Overwhelming, isn't it? I also tried to find my place in fashion blogosphere, and this blogpost talks about my blogging beginning!

For most part 2011 was about the healthy body images and being happy with your body. Melissa McCarthy was one of the breakout stars of 2011! The stars who were unhealthily thin were really criticized for their stick thin figures, and Victoria's Secret models actually talked about eating cookies and sandwiches (well, pretended more like it, but still!)! My blogpost about basic rules of styles reinforces the concept of being beautiful in one's own skin!

2011 was also about showcasing old Hollywood glamour -from red carpet to street vintage, stars and bloggers, everyone embraced the classy glam! This  blogpost wants me to switch TCM on and relive the stylish era gone by!

In 2011 everybody tightened their belts, even future queen of England reused her wardrobe, (gasp!), we realized you don't need it ALL - just need the imagination and new perspective. My blogpost about 10 essential pieces of any wardrobe will make any wardrobe abundant!

In the same vein, in 2011 we realized just 'collecting' things was not a bright idea. Hoarders and similar reality shows found the increase in viewership , and hopefully made people clean their closet too! My blogpost about spring clean your closet helps you do just that!

In 2011, despite the little fall in circulation numbers fashion magazines kept us all entertained, enthralled and informed. Some even made controversies over covers/articles! My blogpost about Fashion Magazines And you talks about what to take away from a glossy mag!

Ofcourse, my favorite posts  from my blog have to have my outfit posts! No matter what year it is - its just me! Always! And that is my 2012 resolution too!

May you always be yourself in 2012! Happy New Year!


  1. What a fabulous way to look back at the year! Love to see how your blog has evolved.

  2. Great idea! such a nice way to finish the year!
    kisses from Spain,

  3. Have u orderd real louboutins or fakers? U will have to do a post on them im following!

  4. oh Ceri...I wish I coould..LOL..Mine came from good old Target!! Leopard print nonetheless!

  5. As someone who is new to your blog, I enjoyed seeing a snapshot of your top posts. I really enjoyed the posts Finding your place in the Fashion Blogosphere (rang true with me) and your outfit lookbook (so fab).


  6. Congrats on making the "Top Ten" of our top tens. Great job.

  7. Thanks Jennifer ! And congrats to you too for making it in!
    Thanks a lot Anne! You are an inspiration!


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