Style-Delights: Elizabeth Taylor Collection Auction in NYC - Dec 3-Dec 16

December 9, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Collection Auction in NYC - Dec 3-Dec 16

There is nobody like her. Beauty, mystery and a big heart- Elizabeth Taylor personifies elegance and style. She was the Star in true sense of the word. She was her own woman, her own stylist- even  before the era of personal stylists and the image consultants. She embodied glamour like no one else, and that glamour shines thru the pieces of clothes and jewelry she owned. Selected pieces of beautiful outfits and exquisite jewelry  ($3 million Elizabeth Taylor diamond and $3.5 million Cartier's necklace and her Cleopatra dress among them)  is displayed for auction by Christie's in New York City's Rockefeller Center auction house  from Dec 3rd to Dec 16th. It is a ticketed event for $30. Part of the proceed will go to Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Images - DNAinfo
  I can't afford to own a piece of her collection, but she will always own a special part in my heart as a Glamour Goddess!


  1. Stunning, isn't she? A good friend just took a trip to NYC and she went to the first day preview at Christie's! So fun!!

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  3. Man...I would love to have her Cleopatra dress!:) And I also think she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out.

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