Style-Delights: Fashionably Edgy or Pushing The Envelope Too Far??

December 6, 2011

Fashionably Edgy or Pushing The Envelope Too Far??

Fashionably edgy sometimes blurs with fashionably crazy! And one of the latest trends that I find outright crazy is garter tights! I mean what part of 'underwear category' is difficult to understand? Garters are to be seen in the boudoir and not on the street!  Come on people, there is still some sanctity left to the word 'sexy'!  Celebrities pushing this trend seem to forget that there is a fine line between flashy and trashy!  And then we wonder why our tweens are growing up so fast!

What do you think of this trend? Sexy or Trashy?


  1. Oh! I'm so so glad someone finally said something about this fashion abomination!! lol I can't tell you how many people I've seen wearing those leggings. I will admit, I thought it was clever at first, but then everyone started wearing it to death. After a while it just seemed like it needed to fade to black. I mean go into the fashion don't archives! I like the garter idea, but not the leggings. I actually still think it's cute, but too many people are wearing it now and it's just way too over done now! Time to hang 'em up! Great Post!

  2. Thanks Cherry! Last year I had seen only a couple of celebs with this and thought it may be a random thing, but as you mentioned,lately this trend is all over!! I wonder why we are obsessed with the disturbing phenomenon of school girl meets vixen! As if knee high socks and plaid mini skirt on a 30 year old wasn't enough!!

  3. I don't know if I'd call it inappropriate. It just looks like they're trying too hard, and it looks cheap and trashy.

  4. It depends on the ensemble really. For example, I find the way Rihanna uses it is very raunchy but thats the character she is trying to portray I guess, but I love it in Ellie's outfit... I find it looks chic.

  5. That is a very cool post! I think this look can only be carried off if you look a little cutesy or are wearing a slightly cuter outfit. For example the first four pictures you've put up make all these celebs look trashy, trampy and channeling stripper while Selena Gomez in the last one is looking cute inspite of the tights. So I think its all about your appearance and outfit which will affect the look.

    I have a similar post here

    Am following you now btw!! xxx

  6. I agree with June. I think Selena looks cute as can be in hers. So maybe it's not that 1 thing that's bad, but what you wear with it.


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