Style-Delights: 7 Last Minute (But Stylish) Gift Ideas - One Size Fits All!

December 17, 2011

7 Last Minute (But Stylish) Gift Ideas - One Size Fits All!

If you are like many of the gift shopping procrastinators, last week before Christmas gets really hectic. Preparing for the celebration and getting travel itinerary in line leaves little time for finding thoughtful and fun gifts. Here are 7 last minute, but unique gift ideas - fashionable to eco friendly, perfect for everyone, from a chef to spa lover!  Best part is - no need to worry about sizes! You can order these gifts online and shop them before Christmas!

Aromatherapy Heated Spa Booties
Give someone the gift of spa without the impersonal gift card!  Microwave the booties for a minute, massage the feet with the lavender spa cream and, and slip on the warm booties for aromatic comfort! The Kit includes everything.
Aromatherapy heated spa booties $49.95

Taxi Mittens
All you New Yorkers - grab that cab with style - no need to shout now!! The ultra soft wool keeps the hands toasty and you get the cab every time!!
Kate Spade Taxi Mittens $65

Tablet/iPad Stand And Stylus For Kitchen
Forget the old recipe box! Access your favorite recipes from the tablet, the specially made stylus allows to navigate the recipes without cleaning up your hands every time. Now that is easy and so 21st century!
Belkin Chef Tablet/iPad stand and stylus $29.99

Leather Jewelry Box
This elegant jewelry box will look good on any dresser (actually I need one too!) and faux suede lining will keep the jewelry clean and safe.
Leather Jewelry Box $199

Moroccan Rose Petals Topped Candle
This fragrant candle comes with the dried Moroccan rose petal top that can be used in potpourri basket. The candle has 50 hours fragrance time and comes in a simple and elegant 
glass jar.
Moroccan Rose Petals Topped Candle $34

Recycled Fair Trade Purse
This stylish purse is made by coopeartives artisans in Brazil with recycled pop tops. Its unique, very trendy and eco-friendly.
Recycled Fair Trade Purse $145.95

Statement Of The Art Necklace
Big bold beautiful necklaces make any outfit fashionable. I love this jade green and lemon colored beads necklace for any white, black, brown or pastel color outfit!
Necklace $49.99
Happy Holidays everybody!


  1. Loved that recycled purse... i don't think can gift that, not before having one for myself :)

  2. that jewellery box is to die-for...very nice!!!

  3. All gift ideas are decent and awesome i like this blog.


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