Style-Delights: How To Look Fresh And Put Together After A Wild Party!

December 21, 2011

How To Look Fresh And Put Together After A Wild Party!

This video for the UK luxury retailer Harvey Nichols caught my eye on youtube today.  It is supposed to send the message about sensible party clothes (no prizes for guessing, Harvey Nichols clothes)- that the dresses that look chic and hot in the night at the party can look trashy in the bright light of morning sun! In the video the 'walk-of-shame' in the morning, shows women coming home disheveled and looking very un-classy (if that could be a word). Although, my first reaction was that yes, these dresses are tacky and far from conservative, but more importantly, these girls look like they didn't plan their party night well! And that made me think of the "party girl's morning after kit'! And how NOT to look like the "walk-of-shame" ladies shown here!

If you are going clubbing, ofcourse you can't carry a big tote with your 'kit' inside it! So make sure you have it at a place where you will end up going after the club. If that place is undecided, keep a small supply of emergency repairs in your little clutch!

 The 'Party After Kit' should include
  • A pair of leggings and a loose top - easily foldable even in purse and you can change on your way home. -OR-
  • A long lightweight cardigan or a soft wrap which can cover up a particularly revealing outfit
  • A pair of rollable flats - 8 hrs in skyhigh heels will make you beg for them in the morning!
  • Meltable breath freshening toothpaste strips - Morning breath alone can put you in hall of shamer!
  • Makeup remover swabs - Eyes-with-no-makeup vs. Eyes-with-last-night-makeup-still on -- you know which one you like more! Tuck these little swabs soaked with makeup remover it in your purse!
  • If nothing works - a cab home to the door!! No walking means, no walk of shame!
Have a great holiday season everybody! Party like a rockstar!


  1. Those flats are brilliant!!! Great post holiday survival post :)


  2. Haha! Love this post. I used that Dot the I product until I ran out, so handy. Have u found a cheaper alternative?

  3. Thanks Nm! I usually don't go all smokey eyes, so the online Amazon eye makeup remover swabs (some of them were like $4 for 5 swabs!!) But I have used dot the i and its good, expensive though!

  4. These are such great tips! :)

  5. thanks for the style tips! merry christmas:)


  6. I almost always carry a pair of flats whenever i am going out in high heels :) :) and I always carry a wrap or stole depending on the season whenever i go out for party so 2 things checked :)

  7. Hey Nm- correction - some of the makeup remover swabs online ar $4 for 50 swabs!!, no $ for 5 swabs!

  8. Awesome tip! I have never put too much thought on it but you are so right!, thanks for that <3

  9. this advert is brilliant aha!
    your guide is really helpful too and i'll be taking a shawl/long cardigan out with me in future - rollable flats are AMAZING too!

  10. The eye-makeup remover swabs are brilliant!



  11. Sweet post!! The Harvey Nichols ad is so appropriate. I think girls across the world can relate to it ;)


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