Style-Delights: Holiday Party Outfit Idea - All That Glitters....

December 2, 2011

Holiday Party Outfit Idea - All That Glitters....

"Its a happy day and I feel Okay!" My daughter's favorite Caillou is singing this preppy tune merrily while she shakes her head and sing with him!  And it is actually a beautiful day- bright, sunny and so full of promise. Christmas cheer is in the air. The sunshine, glittery rays shining thru the window making the tree ornaments sparkle are making me think GOLD!
Wouldn't it be gorgeous to be draped in a lustrous dress and accentuate it with black..Hmm, let me show you!!!
Have a glittering day you all!


  1. I love this outfit. I plan on wearing a gold sequin dress for New Year's. This one would be perfect!

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