Style-Delights: February 2014

February 27, 2014

Easy Style

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February 26, 2014

Lookbook: Black & White Zara Dress

Sometimes a simple black and white look is all you need. This dress was a last minute 'not sure' purchase from recent Zara sale, but I loved it when I got home. For cold weather, it goes well with tights and  OTK boots, and I can style it with bright pumps or sandals from Spring/Summer. 
The Sydney Shopper from Fossil is my new go-to tote these days. The great quality, enough space for even a laptop and variety of pretty colors, this one is a must-have!


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February 24, 2014

Lookbook : Citron And Cobalt With Floral Splash

The snow has still not melted fully, but amid long streak of cold and chilly weather, last week we had a couple of sunny, warm days all of a sudden! The unexpected warmth was as satisfying and joyous as the long forgotten money we suddenly find in an old handbag! To celebrate the occasion, I decided to break out the bright citron corduroys and the floral pumps with kitten heels. Happy outfit for a happy day! Alas, we still have more snow and cold front moving in this week.

Necklace - New York City gift shop / Very similar from Arden B
Shoes - Nine West / Similar (under $50) here and here
Bracelet - c/o Joseph Nogucci (great for gifts too)

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February 21, 2014

Lookbook: Gold, Bronze & Military Green

Who doesn't love shine and sparkle? Specially during this cold and snow? I am totally loving my new pumps in military green with metallic sheen! They are kidskin leather, super soft and somehow they are on clearance for less then $15!! The jacket is from Tinley Road via Piperlime. This was a final sale and I was skeptical about ordering it, but for almost 70% off, I took the risk and so glad that I did! I can see myself using this jacket in Spring a lot with dresses and skirts too!

1- Jacket
2 - Bag (Get it now! On clearance, under $7!)
3 - Shoes (soft leather, now in clearance, under $15!)
4- Jeans

Have a great weekend everyone! BTW, if you have not entered already, please participate in the amazing Emilie M Handbag giveaway! One winner gets $250 worth of handbag with accessories (wallet, scarf, umbrella) and 50 winners will get $20 coupon! 

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February 19, 2014

The Shoe Shine!

"I have golden shoes 
To make me fleet. 
They are like the wind 
Underneath my feet.
 When my lover's kiss Is overbold, I can run away In my shoes of gold." - L. Harford
(Even if you don't run from your lover's overbold kisses!)

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February 18, 2014

Lookbook : Houndstooth & Chartreuse (and some thoughts on 'Blogger Poses")

Sweater - Forever 21 (Similar)
Boots - Forever 21 (Similar)
Jeans - c/o Rose Royce

When you take your pictures as often as a fashion blogger, you sometimes run out of  'poses'. I have noticed that there are certain poses most bloggers resort to (including myself) - like the jacket draped over shoulders (it is very uncomfortable way of wearing a jacket in real life! Trust me, I have 'posed' with that pose too! Although in my defense, this way of wearing jacket shows the blog readers what is underneath the coat), Another common 'pose' is walking as if we are chased by papparazzi (I have taken pictures in that mode too! It is good way of let the photographer decide which angle they want. ). And then there is looking at the ground as if looking for a lost penny! You know the the neck arched to the side, hands on the lapel, or in the hair ..:-)

 photo output_FKNwbx_zpsdd502ff2.gif
(If we can't laugh at ourselves, we don't have any right to laugh at anything/anybody else, right?)

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February 16, 2014

What I'm Loving Now....

Image Via
Valentine's Day might be over, but love is still in the air. Love for our family and our loved ones, for small things, for big wonders, love for freshly brewed coffee, for homemade dinners, love for a child's giggles and for the adult sweet nothings, love for life and of course love for fashion. Oh yes, love is very much still in the air and right now...
I am loving few more minutes of sleep in the morning..
 ...because schools are closed for another  week! (although my sleeping suit is little less interesting!)
 photo fewmoreminutesofsleep_zps6c2f4637.gif
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I am loving the snow 
{I know we have had so much of it lately that most people are tired of it} But there is something about big, fat, fluffy snow flakes and the pristine blanket of pure white-ness, a cup of steaming tea and a cozy corner at the window! As someone who had never seen snow till I was 24 years old, I have the right to enjoy the snowfall even if the Governor has declared the state of emergency!
{Thank you city workers with snow plows to keep our roads clean and safe!}
 photo snowfalling1_zps659b75f1.gif
GIF via
As I watch my neighborhood turn into winter wonderland (at least until people start their commute, leaving foot prints in the snow!), I know all this cold will inevitably lead to Spring, warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, pretty colors, wardrobe updates and may be, just may be, smiles on the faces of always busy New Yorkers!
 photo flowerblooming_zps8a8bba63.gif
GIF via

Right now I am battling the cold weather, layering up like an Eskimo, but I am looking forward to Spring and beautiful Spring fashion. First on my list - brushstrokes!
I am loving the brushstrokes prints..
..because of their feminine elegance, artistic flair and spirit-lifitng hues!
 photo colorfuldresses_zps968760bb.gif
CĂ©line Spring 2014 RTW, GIF via

Shop The Brushstrokes Beauties
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I am loving a black and white handbag...
...because it goes with everything! It can be a subdued style as well as statement piece, works all year round, gives instant polish to any outfit and you can get one on any price point.
 photo blackandwhitebags_zpse9968961.gif
Handbag - Dolce & Gabbana 'Miss Sicily' satchel, GIF via
Shop The Black & White Bags
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I am loving the floral prints
Even if Miranda Priestly mocked "Florals in Spring? Groundbreaking!", I have to say nothing says Spring more cheerfully than a pretty floral print! So effortless and so timeless.
 photo floraldressesMATTHEWWILLIAMSONSPRING2014RTW_zps2ee817cb.gif
Matthew Williamson RTW Spring 2014 GIF via

Shop the flower power
1 (get 15% off now) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

I am loving the bright accents and splashes of bold colors..
..because how else you are supposed to weather polar vortex and Pax and sub zero conditions?
 photo accentsofneonMARYKATRANTZOUSPRING2014RTW_zps68142cf6.gif
Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014 RTW, GIF via
Shop the bold colors and bright accents

With so many gorgeous Spring essentials on my radar all I need is what Ms Bradshaw asked from Mr Big!
 photo bigcloset_zps626c79ff.gif

What are you loving right now?
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PS. All the fashion GIFs I used in this post are from Greta of Check out her fabulous fashion GIFs you will be amazed!!
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