Style-Delights: March 2012

March 31, 2012

Star Style For Less - January Jones in Turquoise Skirt And Leather Jacket

January Jones' character Betty is one of the most fashionable women on TV today! While she dons the vintage glam on Mad Men, January's style is usually very trendy and modern in real life. She puts her best foot forward in this pretty turquoise skirt and a chic leather jacket. I love the color block effect in this outfit and really really love her bag! Needless to say, I was on a hunt for similar pieces to recreate her look!

And here is how I assembled her feminine yet edgy look for less!

Get January Jones' Style For Less Here -
How do you like January's look and my recreation?
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March 29, 2012

How To Wear Colored Jeans? That's How!

Well, that's one way of wearing colored jeans! Honestly when it comes to Spring 2012's hottest trend, (which has been 'hot' for quite some time now! I still have an issue of Elle magazine that boasted about colored denim being 'in' during 2010) there is no rule! Some of my favorite looks with colored jeans are color block, hint of neon, pastel on pastel and of course the coral jeans Kate Middleton wore with a blazer at her Olympic Park visit!  Anyhoo, I am wearing my mint green skinny jeans with one of my favorite pieces in  my wardrobe - an old blazer (from 2006!) Somethings really never go out of style!
Jeans - Forever 21
Blazer - Burberry
Belt - Steve Madden (Marshall's)
Shoes - Target
Bangle - Forever 21 (buy here)

If you like this look, you can get it here -
How are you wearing your colored denim? 
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March 28, 2012

For The Body And Soul - Something Clean, Something Simple, Something Bright

Sometimes all you need is something very basic. Simple lines, clean design, dash of color, someone to love! That thought drove me today to pick out few of the simple things that are sure to make any day brighter, sky a bit more bluer, heart a little more hopeful. The kind of style that delights! And lets you forget the chaos of a busy schedule!
{Reminder: just one more day till Friday}

Among the busy, chaotic days, do you too crave something simple sometimes?
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March 27, 2012

Star Style For Less - Emmy Rossum's Red Skirt And Bow Tie Blouse

There is nothing more mesmerizing than a beautiful lady in red, walking sashaying down the sidewalk! Emmy Rossum proved it again when she was spotted in a red pleated skirt, black blow tie blouse and black lace up sandals! It is such a simple outfit but looks so well put together. I don't know the details of her outfit (a rare day for style for less column) but I simply had to recreate this! {Look at the flowing skirt!}
Here is how recreated her look for less. The best part is - all the pieces are mix and match worthy on their own too!

Get Emmy Rossum's Lady In Red look for less here -
What do you think of Emmy's look? And her look-for-less?
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March 26, 2012

Mad Men Mania And 3 Ways To Wear A Button Down Shirt

So, long awaited Mad Men season 5 premiered last night! This series inspired the magazine coversfashion collaborations, girl crushes, boy men crushes and of course fashion bloggers! My twitter feed was clogged with #MadMen updates and live episode reporting! Just like the Fashion Week and film award season, airing of Mad Men generated a lot of twitter buzz! I am now anticipating a lot of vintage -inspired, Mad Men-ish looks on the blogs too! My style is conservative but contemporary, but not really vintage. Still I wanted to create a 60s inspired look and wanted to conclude my 'style a shirt 3 ways' challenge. So here it is, my favorite button down shirt worn under a classic color block shift. 
Inspiration - Mad Men; Pose - 'typical blogger'??
 Here are the three looks side by side
   Look 1                                                 Look 2                                   Look 3

Get a Pink Button Down Shirt Here-
Did you watch the season 5 premiere of Mad Men? And how did you like my styling of a button down shirt?
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I am linking up today on  Visible Monday and Monday Mingle, see you there!!
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March 25, 2012

Vivienne Westwood Top, J Crew Satchel, Neon Green Skirt and My Closet Illusions

Do you feel your virtual reality sometimes takes over your actual reality? With so many tools at our disposal, we can live a 'second life' as (in our minds) we were always meant to, but for some practical (read financial) reasons, can't!! One of my favorite virtual-life-enabler tools is Polyvore! Its very helpful to figure out outfit mix-and-match options, create looks and keep the pieces in our closet, but it is too easy to get caught up in the illusion of the ownership of the polyvore designer duds! I routinely get a jot of reality when I see my actual closet and find the Louboutin shoes are missing from it! Oh, the life on the internets!
More information about this look here

Get these items for your real/virtual closet here -
Do you use Polyvore? How invested you are in your virtual closet? 
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March 24, 2012

Newsweek Goes Vintage For Mad Men, 'Retrofies' Its Ads!

Mad Men and can't wait for season 5 which premiers on March 25th! The poignant story lines, the perfect interplay of imperfect characters, the fashion, 60's New York, rise of the Madison Avenue - this series had us at the first frame of the pilot episode! Don, Betty, Joan, Peggy and Roger (*swoon*) and even slimy Peter stole the hearts of audience and we really can't get enough of Mad Men. 
Pictures via AMC TV Mad Men Blog

And it seems Newsweek people too love Mad Men as I do! The Magazine's March 26-April 2nd issue is unique. Its content has a vintage 60ish look, including the ads! I have never been more in love with printed picture before!! Check out the Estée Lauder ad below. Don't you wish we all dressed and look as people from Mad Men?

All Ad pictures via

Are you a Mad Men fan? Ready for tomorrow? 
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