Style-Delights: Star Style For Less - Cozy Pippa!

December 28, 2011

Star Style For Less - Cozy Pippa!

I am totally in love with the Middleton sisters' (I mean to say Her Grace and Ms Pippa!) style! Always superlatively chic and elegant. Even fashion magazines are running out of adjectives. Here is Pippa Middleton- professional, put together and stylish all the way.

Here is Pippa Middleton's style for a fraction of the cost of original pieces!

Get Pippa Middleton's Style for less here -


  1. Love the combination of black tights with black boots, it's so flattering--I wear it all the time! I prefer Kate's style to Pippa's but you can't deny they're both very well-dressed ladies. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love the Middleton sisters too and how they always mix their high-end stuff with items from high street:)

  3. i love their style as well. Such classic perfection!

    and yes, my pants are leather and i LOVE them. :) i'll try and do a flower accessory post soon. it's really easy and fun!


  4. Great post! The Middletons are so fab!

    xo, H

  5. This is an awesome post! I love "the look for less" type ideas :) keep it up!

  6. Great picks :) it just proves once again that great style is not equivalent to shelling out loads of money :)

  7. Great idea!
    Mind checking out my blog? (:

  8. Agree - their grace and class is to die for!
    Your blog is coming along so well, girl! Keep going :)

  9. Thank you all!! You guys keep me motivated:-)

  10. I just saw a biography special on Pippa...
    Very cool photos!!!! :-)

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