Style-Delights: How To Wear A Fur Vest

December 24, 2011

How To Wear A Fur Vest

Since Spring 2011, I have been seeing fur vests everywhere. Some celebrities even wore them during summertime, which made me hot (not in a good way) by just looking at them!  The thing with fur vests is, they can look ├╝ber chic or straight freak depending upon how one is wearing them! If your frame is totally swimming in the fur (do ya hear me Olsen sisters, not Elizabeth, but you twins!), or the textures of your outfits are clashing unpleasantly, it may not work!  However this trend seems to stay here in 2012 as well, and by pairing fur vest sensibly, you can work the fur vest like a star!
Here are some pointers about styling a fur vest. 
  • Keep the fur faux - Unless you live where you are in danger of getting frostbites
  • Keep rest of the outfit fur-free - Too much of a good thing....
  • Style with structured pieces - A fur vest is bulky and voluminous, pairing it with tailored skirts, jeans or pants keep the outfit balanced
  • Work with black, white or brown - Fake fur comes in rainbow of colors, and believe me I have seen it all on New York City subways! Better keep it the natural fur color!
  • Accessorize sensibly - I would advice keeping the neck area accessory free - scarves, big necklace or embellished collars will clash with the fur vest. Use hats, watches and rings instead.
Here are some looks I created to style a fur vest.
More information about these pieces here

More information about these pieces here

More information about these pieces here

Stay warm everybody!

Get the Faux Fur vests here-


  1. I'm in LOVE with that second outfit! Everything is perfect. I definitely need a fur vest. Just gotta find one in my price range. ;)

    Rebecca (hearts)...

  2. I recently bought a faux fur vest and it was such a good investment!
    Merry Christmas :)


  3. I got an amazing faux fur vest from Francesca's Collections- it's beautiful & affordable. Plus, it was a good addition to my wardrobe.

  4. I love the second look. Mix the casual with the lux.

  5. I've been wearing my for 2yrs and not only does it keep me warm it is so chic.


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