Style-Delights: Style Trend Spotlight - Mustard Yellow

December 18, 2011

Style Trend Spotlight - Mustard Yellow

I looooooooooove mustard color, so much so that I am willing to let people question my spelling skills and add all those extra 'o's in 'love' when I describe it! I have seeing this color everywhere lately - celeb pictures, subways, store windows!!
From Left - Hilary Duff in mustard sweater, Jennifer Lopez in mustard coat, Taylor swift in mustard skirt

From Left - Jessica Alba in Mustard jeans, Elle Macpherson in mustard scarf, Kirsten Dunst in Mustard dress

I think this is one of those colors you can wear all year round. Except you have to be extra careful about mixing it with other colors. Because it is so bright and eye catching, mustard yellow works best when surrounded by neutrals. Grey, brown, and in some cases black too, work really well with mustard.  I love to add a little splash of contrasting color with small accessories.

Here is one outfit I created with mustard skinny jeans (can I say I Looooooooove them!!) and neutral blouse, ankle boots and bags.

You can shop for mustard color pieces here -


  1. totally love Taylor's skirt! great post!
    kisses from Spain,

  2. absolutely love this colour, my favourite is the skirt taylor wore.
    great post!

  3. Awesome post ! I myself am obsessing over mustard :) Love your blog - You're doing such a great job!
    Following you right away!

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  4. love this post.

  5. where did you find that shirt/belt?

  6. Jessica, here is the info for the items in the set.
    Hope this helps!

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