Style-Delights: June 2013

June 28, 2013

Lookbook: Paisley Print Denim, 'Steal' Sandals & Splash of Neon

I am a big fan of whimsical fashion sketches/graphic prints on t-shirts and tops. (see the outfits with runaway print, ballerina print) so when I spied this soft chiffon top at, I was already planning my outfits and styling options! It is sheer, but with a white cami, it shows off this chic fashion sketch very nicely! The caption says 'strike the pose' so you have a reason to strut the sidewalk when you wear this!!:-)

These paisley print pants came from the clearance rack at H&M for just $15!! I had to wade my way through a VERY messy section of H&M store at 34th street ON A WEEKEND, but I knew I had a treasure in my hand when I picked them up! They fit so nicely and I love the delicate print and little hint of pastels in the paisley print!
Accessory Report
Enamel Bangle - Kohl's (Exact)
Stud Rivet Bracelet - Asos (Exact)
Chain link bracelet - c/o Maya Brenner (Exact/ Option)
Jade Ring - Forever 21 (option)
Gold Disc Ring - Gift  (totally loving this option)
These heels  I got from are a very close copy of  Sergio Rossi Oberoj sandals. Given the fact that 'the splurge' is priced at $490, I din't do bad, right??

Needed to get my hair done before today's outfit shoot! The humidity making the frizz come out!

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June 26, 2013

Trinity Place Giveaway: Win $500 To Shop In-store Or Online!

One thing (among hundreds) I love living in New York area is the amazing shopping places! From glitzy designer boutiques to pop up stores, NY is the shopper's dream. I came across such shopper's heaven recently when I found out Trinity Place. A sleek, charming Manhattan based (located on 61 Broadway) department store that carries modestly priced, stylish clothing and accessories for (mostly from Europe) for men, women and kids. Their style is an elegant mix of vintage and modern, ‘British ultra-girly feel’ with that of a really modern, elegant minimalist aesthetics. I am in love with their merchandise and want to get so many things from them. Lucky for me (and you) that they are running a sweepstake to win $500 giftcard to shop at Trinity Place! Below are some pieces that I'd love to buy if I won!! What will you get?

Click on any of the images to enter or to go to

Enter the Giveaway HERE!

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June 25, 2013

What's Your Cottonelle Care Routine?

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, I say it is the pre-requisite to Godliness! (try going to your place of worship smelling bad!) They don't call it going to church wearing your Sunday Best for nothing! I have to admit, I am not a very organized person sometimes, but I am a clean freak! After becoming a mother to a very curious little girl (who never met a dog she didn't want to pat!) cleanliness on the go has become a priority. So when the good people at Cottonelle asked me to try their Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable moist wipes, I knew I had to share my 2 cents! I am a Cottonelle customer and have used their products - so I had first hand experience with the brand. In fact I often carry Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes travel pack in my bag. Mili loves to be the FIRST to open the doors, press elevator buttons and slide her hands along (yikes) the escalator railings - so the Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes come in handy for keeping the hands clean. For summer picnics, BBQ dinners and at the corner fro-yo shop, these wipes  (available at your local Walmart) will be your best friend in any situation that demands thorough cleanup!! 

The versatile use of these wipes make them a must have in any household. From handbags to countertop! The Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes in a upright dispenser is now a decor fixture in my bathroom!
Another great use for Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes is to use it as a basic make up remover. Seriously, all the face paint (non-waterproof mascara and all) and daily-grime comes right off! I just use my favorite cleanser to wash the face and I am scrubbed clean before bed:-)

I remember when I was young, my mother NEVER let us go to bed without washing our feet! (You see where I get my clean freak genes!) I think as kids we are not very mindful of keeping our feet and flip flops out of mud and dust in the park! This habit of going to bed with clean hands and feet stuck with me and these moist wipes really come in handy when sometimes even after dinner and bath Mili and I go out for a stroll, specially during summer months when sun is out late. Instead of hosing her feet off, I gently wipe her feet with Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes and we are good to go!
Keep one for the kids bathroom, the Cottnelle Fresh Care wipes dispenser is easy to use for tiny fingers too!

I have to say the best use of these wipes - making kids independent and confident during/after potty training. Sometimes just the TP is not enough (you know what I am talking about!) and Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes (these are totally flushable!) come to the rescue . The easy-to-open portable dispenser can be placed for easy access to your child. Ah, the totally fresh, clean and confident kid:-)
 And when you run out of the wipes, get the refill! Walmart is offering a free Fresh Care upright dispenser with purchase of the 24-pack Clean Care toilet paper!
Speaking of bathroom routines, did you watch the CBS show The Talk recently where the lovely and hilarious Ayesha Brown and Sharon Osborne talked about the 'bathroom routine' of real life couples! If you missed it you can watch the clip right here To test your cleaning logic and to experience fun, creatives ways of Cottonelle Care routine, visit and be a fresh fan of them on Facebook! To see how other people like you are using Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes in their cleaning routine, join the fun conversation on Twitter with hashtag #CottonelleRoutine

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June 24, 2013

Lookbook: Aztec Print Pants, Apricot Blouse

If these pants look familiar, that is because they are finding their way to the blog very frequently! I love the cool, funky vibe of these Necessary Clothing pants and the comfortable fit! Last time when I wore these printed pants, I paired a geometric pattern shirt with them, today this chiffon apricot blouse with a wide belt completes the look.
This blouse from has two panels attached at the shoulder (like an attached vest) and gives a lot of option for styling. From creating a faux peplum to front-tie look to a simple high low hem look. It would also look great with a mini pencil skirt with the trailing back hem.

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June 22, 2013

Summer Sandals : Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap sandals are the new basics this summer. Sleek, sexy and feminine style is sure to perk up any dress, ripped jeans or cut off shorts outfit. A pair of black and white sandals has the timeless, sophisticated appeal and it goes with almost everything. Don't worry if you don't want to shell out $$$ for Alexander Wang and Givenchy, here are 8 black and white sandals that are heavy on style and light on the wallet! Now go shop!!

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June 21, 2013

Lookbook: Ocean Blue And Sunlight Yellow

Summer is finally here! I say finally, because coming Monday is the last day of school for Mili and now I really, truly, thoroughly need to organize my schedule to fit in blogging and her TOTALLY CLEAR calender in my day!  We have some really great activities planned for her during Summer - a playacting/theater workshop, tennis along with her ongoing music/piano lessons. This means I have to be on my A game to keep up with the crazy pick up/drop off schedule, think of new ways to entertain her and keep her busy when school is out and of course blog regularly and catch up with all of you on social media! Mama needs the boost of  energy ya'll! I think a vibrant outfit with colors reminiscent of a beach vacation is the very thing I need to feel cool, calm and rejuvenated! This turquoise dress from Fresh Produce Clothing  fits the bill perfectly!

Necklace - c/o INPINK, similar one layer option from Max & Chloe here
I love the asymmetric hem and the cute little ruffle at the bottom!For those of you who don;t know, Fresh Produce is a lifestyle brand with amazing clothes and accessories for women and kids. Their clothes are primarily made in America and their coastal inspired colors and prints make them a brand women want to wear every day! They have 26 store locations across US and you can shop online at for your pretty made-in-USA summer outfits! 
Cardigan - Ann Taylor, similar (and very inexpensive) option from JCPenney HERE
Shoes - Avon (On sale now!)

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What plans do you have for summer? 
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