Style-Delights: June 2011

June 23, 2011

Star Style For Less - Glee Girl's Summer Colors!

Although I am no Gleek, I have to admit, I simply loved the dress Glee actress Jayma Mays wore to Critics' Choice Television awards. She balanced the bright colors by pairing the bold dress with nude pumps and pastel yellow clutch.
Jayma Mays
Image -

The main piece to achieve this look is the bright colored strapless dress. You can get the exact look by buying Elise Overland dress, Jimmy Choo pumps and Ann Taylor clutch. But the grand total of your purchase might not be as colorful as the look! So I recreated this style for less - easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet! 

Get Jayma's style for less here -

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June 22, 2011

Wish List For Summer - Jump Suit

As I prepare to move to NY, I have started packing and therefore have an opportunity to see EACH and EVERY item in my closet -  the basics, the essentials, the mix n' match pieces, the forgottens,  and 'totally needed' things! and while I am sorthing clothes, cataloging the pieces, I realize -the one thing I have never owned is a Jump Suit!

I love it on the celebrities, on the streets, in the magazines, but never found a jump suit that flattered my frame. Although I am somewhat lanky and I am tall (the supposedly jump-suit friendly frame), I never found the one jumpsuit I really loved. So this summer, I am planning to own a jumpsuit and really OWN the jumpsuit!
Wish me luck finding the one:-)

Here are some jump suites I liked, hopefully one of these will fit and flatter me! 

Time to go shopping in NYC!:-)
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June 13, 2011

Star Style For Less - Pippa Middleton's Easy Style!

She dazzled us all during the Royal Wedding, made her bridesmaid dress look so pretty that people actually wanted to copy a 'bridesmaid dress" and now continues to get media attention wherever she goes! Pippa Middleton has a very easy style! She looks confident and chic in this abstract print dress and leather jacket.

I can not rub elbows with Royalty like her, but I can sure recreate her style!
Here is Pippa Middleton's chic style for less!

Get This Style Here -

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June 11, 2011

Fashion Magazines And You

I love reading. I love to read biographies, history, spy novels, romance and parenting magazines. Love to read about humor and satire. And I love to read FASHION MAGAZINES!
As a fashion blogger they are my "course material'!  The shiny, glossy, beautiful pages of fashion magazines inspire, make us feel good, overwhelm and sometimes even depress us. They influence our shopping decisions, beauty regimens and in some way build or break our self esteem! Its up to the reader what she/he takes away from it.
Here is my take on the Vogues and Glamours of the world!  (from my own fashion magazine reading experience)

Get the ideas about putting together an outfit - 
I love to look at the pictures both in the articles and advertisements to get ideas for the "looks'! The magazine pages are styled by talented professionals, and you will not go wrong if you take inspiration from their talent!

Remain updated about latest trends and styles - 
For me, this is the biggest take away from fashion magazines! You can not only stay on trend for the season but plan your wardrobe for next season by interpreting the trend forecasts.

Read about how fashion can be meaningful-
Most big name fashion magazines usually feature and interview people from fashion and glamour world who are using their art to do good. I got to know about many charities and the the philanthropic ventures from fashion magazines, that usually goes unreported in news and mainstream media. 
Don't get suck into the advertorials -
Usually headlined as "best new products this summer" or something similar, the advertorials are often times paid (sometimes unpaid) PR materials. Designed to coax you into buying more, its a good source of information about the products but no way a review based recommendation. The user reviews led websites are much more genuine source to know if the product works.

Don't feel bad because of what you see-
Because your sheath dress doesn't fit like the girl in the magazine, or your hair doesn't shine like a mirror or your skin is not as perfect as a dewy rose!
 Cindy Crawford once famously said "Even I don't look good as Cindy Crawford!" Magazines use Photoshop and airbrushing to make the pages look glossy and perfect. Here is an example of magazine-perfect picture! No point feeling insecure and wishing for illusive "perfect" anything!

Don't believe everything what celebrities and stars say in the interviews!
I have read numerous interviews of cover page celebs in all kind of magazines that they were "lucky to have good genes and they really don't exercise that much and love to eat burgers!" This seems so endearing oh so real, but it is not true! The fitness experts and trainers have mentioned it again and again that to achieve flat abs and super toned bodies (if that is your thing!) one needs to exercise regularly and eat really really healthy food! I am all for eating for pleasure, but come on! - Nobody got Gwen Stefani abs on a cheeseburger diet! EVER!

That said, I read the fashion magazine for the sheer beauty of it! I think a girl is entitled to the frivolous pleasure of looking and oohing and aahing over a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes she can not afford!!:-)
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June 6, 2011

Top 5 - My Style Peeves

I admire people expressing their own style and individual preference while dressing up. I also don't care about if you defy current trends, wear white after labor day or mix print and stripes! But I have my style peeves. I think sometimes we follow 'fashion' so blindly that we forget the basics of 'style'. Here are my top 5 style peeves.

1. Bra Peek
Little cute/sexy strap showing is still OK (although I would advice against that, they invented strapless bras for a reason!), but I really cringe when I see the back strap (hooks and all) showing in the back in a halter/backless/strapless dress or a blouse.
2. Sweaty Armpits
I know this is more of a biological thing, but they do have deo sticks in industrial strength these days - use 'em! Noting ruins the effect of a gorgeous outfit  like two blotchy sweaty spots under your arms! If you are not in the gym, sweat spots under the arms are not sexy!   If the outfit is sleeveless than BO alone will kill it!
3. Dress a size too big or too small
This is the most common mistake I have seen people make. Either trying to fit in a smaller size (we all know the black forces of fashion magazines and TV/Movies encourage the the size insecurities specially among young girls) or wearing a size too big because it fits at one place and you think you have to live with the extra fabric at another! Alteration services at the dry cleaners are relatively cheaper if you want someting taken in or out!
4. Over Accessorization
I am a big fan of accessorizing the outfits - Belts, bags, bangles, brooches - you name it! But a big flower in hair and a Carrie Bradshaw like layering necklace and a big brooch on the jacket with a beach-bag size purse AT THE SAME TIME..did you get the picture yet?? A big NO in my style book.
5. Chipped Nail Polish
I have been guilty of this! And lack of time or forgetful memory don't make an excuse when you are in a situation where your hands are the center of attention! Believe me there are situations:-) (Handshake/ asking menu details from the waitress, trying on a ring and so many more!)

Let me hear what your style peeves are!
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June 2, 2011

Style-Delights Link featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers!

Windows Into Our Worlds

Edited by Meghan Donovan of WIT & Whimsy

I've said it before, but one of the reasons I love fashion blogging so much is because it has the power to be very personal and connect you with people whom you may never have met otherwise. This week's Links a La Mode show you just how intimate one's blog can become when you open up your readers to visits to neighborhood boutiques, DIYs done on a rainy Sunday or similar styles perfected by fellow bloggers. Our blogging allows for little windows into our worlds and its often what makes writing and photographing for posts so very worthwhile.

Links à la Mode: June 2nd

Cami Tops at Shopbop: Free People, Tucker tops, Alexander Wang tees, Lanston tees, Blue life, Rory Beca, Rachel Pally tops, Georgie clothing, Dallin Chase, Parker tops, Blue Moon.
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