Style-Delights: You Can Make Me Refinery 29's Next Big Style Blogger!

February 2, 2012

You Can Make Me Refinery 29's Next Big Style Blogger!

Hello friends, I am one of the contestants of 'Refinery 29 Next Big Style Blogger Search'. If you like my blog and want me to realize my dream, please take some time out to vote for me:-) Its very simple - 

  • go to Refinery 29 Style Blogger Search page and find me in recent submission gallery. You can Control +F to find my name - style.delights 
  • Just click on the heart on my picture (as shown below!)
  • You need your facebook account to vote - don't worry , allow access to refinery 29, after the vote, you can change your app setting to PRIVATE again!! So, no privacy concerns! 

I am up against the big established bloggers, so every vote is really crucial for me! I am counting on you to support! 


  1. Ofcourse I am voting for you !! Going now:) Wishing you luck :)

  2. I've tried to vote and it won't work for me :( Maybe it's not open to all countries?

    Thanks for stopping by, pleased I got to find your blog, just became a follower xo

  3. Do u even have to ask! :-)

  4. done :) I am the 52nd voter :)

  5. Done dana done done :)

    Have been actually trying since friday but browser always becomes unresponsive...


  6. All the best with Refinery29 The Next Style Blogger challenge. Voted for U. Hope u win <3

  7. Voted for u.. Best of luckk : )


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