Style-Delights: How To Look Tall(er) And Lean(er)!

February 2, 2012

How To Look Tall(er) And Lean(er)!

I am no Stacy London, but I do get my own share of style questions from friends and blog readers. Two of the most frequent questions I am asked are
  • How do you stay slim? (You can see my answer here)
  • How can I look taller? (Read the rest of the post!)
I strongly believe in being happy in one's own skin and body - but I also believe in improving the looks as and when one can! Lets put political correctness aside for a minute and say it for what it is! Everyone wants to look tall(er) and lean(er). So without getting in the long and short (pun intended) of it, let me give you the skinny on looking taller, leaner and more proportionate. Some tips are from personal experience, some from reading and some from watching wise girls dress!
  • Avoid wide leg pants if you are really short, OR use heels with pointy toes. Make sure the toebox is visible under the circumference of the pants/jeans. Case in point -Salma Hayek (she is 5'2") looks svelte and tall with a figure defining dress but boxy and short legged in a wide leg pants without the proper shoes.

  • Iron press a crease in your jeans/pants in the middle - just like a man's trousers. It puts the focus on the length instead of the width of the leg and makes you look tall and lean. Case in point - my own recent denim on denim post. I am tall to begin with, but this jeans with the crease on the leg is making me look even taller and leaner.

  • Bottom of your pant hem should stop at 3/4 inches above the bottom of your heel . In simple words, if you wear high heels, it should not be all visible under your pant hemline, nor it should be 100% covered with it. Here is my amateur effort to illustrate the point.

  • Nude pumps can elongate the legs like no other shoes! Case in point - Rachel McAdams. These sky high heels in any other color would take the attention away from the leg length, but nude (BTW, there is a debate on what's nude for everyone - see this) pumps are making the legs look longer without interrupting the line of the leg!

  • Avoid cuffed pants if you have short legs - It adds the volume on the legs and can make you look stocky.
  • If you have a curvier hip area, pants without the side/front pockets will work best to keep the curves balanced. Faux pockets in the pants also make you look leaner at the hip. For a slimmer line and length try side zipper trousers. Some suggestions here -
  • Use belts to define waist and create a more proportionate silhouette. Try thin belts if you are really petite. Big corset-belts define the waist beautifully but you need a longer torso- otherwise it will overwhelm the petite frame  and distort the proportion
What other tips you have up your sleeves for a leaner, taller look? BTW, Take my tips with a grain of style salt - everybody's idea of fashion is unique and by no means one style can work for everyone! Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. great tips...i know i'm on the hunt for the right 'nude' shoes!

    1. Thanks so much! And yes, we all should have our own 'nude'!!

  2. I LOVEE how you come up with such interesting topics!

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  3. Such great tips! I definitely will be re-looking at some of my wardrobe items :)
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. Thanks Lia! Hope you are having a great start to the weekend!

  4. Nice post! Your blog is lovely! :)

  5. Done voting! Good luck, Jyo!

  6. cool tips..i have to utilise the ironing your jeans crease thing one of these days..

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  8. great tip! I'm a shorty so this is very helpful hihihi


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