Style-Delights: Things Every Guy Should Know About Women and Our Style!

February 3, 2012

Things Every Guy Should Know About Women and Our Style!

The 'Internets' are buzzing with the Valentine's Day chatter! There is a lot of talk of what to wear, what to gift, what to say and what to write! I recently read a feature about what gifts women really want on V-Day, and it got me thinking- there is one thing every woman wishes - for her man to understand (I mean really understand) her style and her shopping sense! {Although diamonds are really up high in that wish-list!}  
  • We need more than one black and one brown pair of shoes -  Average American woman owns about 17-19 pair of shoes, according to the ShopSmart magazine's 2011 survey (although my guess would have been higher, much higher!) And there is a reason behind it!  Shoes are not an afterthought for us - our outfits are built around a pair of shoes. So next time you see our shoe closet, don't gasp!

  • We Don't consider flip flops as "shoes" - 'nuff said! Add this point to the first one! And yes, We also need more than one pair of flip flops - poolside pair is sooooooo different than the one we need for those cute shorts!

  • So long we are talking about shoes, here is one more - We still wear the same shoes again for a big occasion - you know the ones we complained that they 'were killing our feet' - we are that tough! But it doesn't mean we don't want your sympathy (and a foot rub when we come back home!)

  • When we say we are going shopping, it doesn't necessarily mean we are buying - So don't look confused when we come home empty handed after 3 hours in the mall! Just like diet cola, we do zero-calorie shopping - all the fun and no spending! (We know you secretly love us for this, don't you!)

  • When you say blue - we imagine blue, turquoise, aqua, indigo, sky-blue, so be specific. And don't get offended when we say blue-ish and our girlfriends understand what kind of blue we are talking about. We have an in-built radar for those kind of things!

  • When we drag you to Zegna sample sale, we do it out of love for you! We love your dapper look! So don't mind the crowd, chaos and cash-only of those sales! Just like us, you're worth it too!

  • When we say we are getting ready, we mean we are more than combing our hair, so time your clock accordingly. Waiting in the car is not gonna help ya! Mama needs time for primping! We still make it on time, don't we? (and you get a twinkle in your eyes when you see us climbing down the stairs -à la My Fair Lady!)

  • We love Tennis but sometimes we watch a match to only gawk at Djokovic's butt! Sorry babes- We may be on a diet, but that doesn't mean we can't look at the menu!
We love our guys- however clueless they are about our fashion - and we always will do! I just hope this list will give them some idea to make sense of our style!
Do you have more pointers you want to add to this list??


  1. This is such a handy "get-to-know-us" guide! :)
    - Laura

  2. SO TRUE! We need to come with a manual ;)

    Great post!

  3. So damn true!!! Get on it already, men! This is not rocket science :P

    ♡ from ©

  4. this is such a great, true to heart manual! awesome!

  5. i have one more point to add: its okay for a guy to use a moisturizer in strawberry flavor, it really wont make them feel/smell gayish! i love it more when he smells lime or strawberry!!! ;) enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. Awesome!!
    Xoxo Sabrina
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  7. So true! Specially the colors bit!

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  8. I agree with all these so much, you can never have too many shoes either!!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  9. All of these are so true!!! lol My boyfriend def needs to read this! lol Great post!

  10. wow that statistic on how many pairs of shoes most women own is sort of scary! I'm sorry to say I'm probably one of them hahah

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  11. We all should pitch in and make a manual out of it. Guys might appreciate that. :) Wonderful post!

    Heel in Mint

  12. Thanks, a great guide! Really made me laugh. Unfortunately I don't think my other half will ever get it. Yesterday he was complaining that he didn't know why it took me 20 minutes to get ready to go to the gym.

  13. Hi Jyoti,
    First of all, thank you for leaving such beautiful comments in my blog! It feels nice knowing you. You have a lovely blog, I feel that you write from your heart and I will keep coming back for more ! Take care,

  14. Ha, ha, thank you for that giggle this morning Jyoti:):)

  15. hahaha so true, loved this list!!!

  16. Hahaha..Great stuff:)

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  17. Great stuff.... and so freakin true. Love the post <3

  18. haha hilarious and so true! I really thought the average shoes we own would be a lot higher!

  19. Oh, I say this to my guy all the time! They only have T-shirts and button downs or jeans and slacks to worry about. We have shirts, tanks, blouses, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts............etc. etc. etc!

  20. Fun post..our men do need to and I AGREE...we definitely NEED more than one black and brown pair of shoes:)


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