Style-Delights: My Acceptance Speech -IFB Project #36: Your Oscar Moment

February 28, 2012

My Acceptance Speech -IFB Project #36: Your Oscar Moment

I have practiced, time and again, my Oscar/Filmfare Award(google it)/Nobel speech in the shower while waiting for the conditioner to work {longest 2 minutes in anyone's life I guess} - and I have to say by now, I have it all clearly laid out in my mind! So when Independent Fashion Bloggers project asked the IFB members to give an Oscar-esque thanking speech for the "Blogger Of The Year Award", it was the perfect opportunity for me to show you all how I'd play it!  The purpose of practicing my speech is that when the moment comes-
  • I'll be Natural - Gee, It's so unexpected! (takes prepared list out of the jacket pocket - yes, I am wearing a Tilda Swinton tux-gown - its all the rage you know!)
  • I'll be Gracious - {Sniffles} Thank you IFB for this great honor, even though my blog is not even a year old, but you guys know quality when you see it! I am so humbled by this win, and I am sure all the brands who did not respond back to my business pitch are eating their heart out right now. And to all those who were nominated - I am sure you are happy just to be nominated!
  • I'll Thank everybody - My husband, my parents, my fellow bloggers, my neighbor's grandmom who recently learned how to work the internet by me {and so far only thing she has learned how to log on, open my blog and comment on it}, my ex-colleagues who still have their full time stressful jobs, while I blog and sashay in beautiful clothes minting money {Thats what I have told all non-fashion bloggers friends about the 'business' - Image building 101}, my dog, my get the idea!
  • I'll be quick - {Not as quick as Jane Fonda; Best Actress for Klute: "There's a great deal to say, but I'm not going to say it tonight." (1972)} but close enough. Its no fun when the teleprompter says wrap it up and the music in the pit starts to muddle your thoughts!
  • I'll be funny - Two fashion bloggers walked in a bar..err, was it a bar or IFB conference? Anyhoo...
"The point is, I just won the biggest blogging award on the planet and I have no fricking idea what to say! All those waiting-for conditioner-to-work moments didn't even prepare me for this. I started blogging to express my style, my opinions and (as the King George VI said) because I have a bloody voice! Writing your blog is like sending the message to the gigantic black hole of internet universe, hoping that there is someone out there who will decode it and get back to you - and you will be connected, be part of a community and may be change the fashion media and if you really are talented, leave a legacy! In our society, fashion and style sometimes still are taken lightly, and except for the established blogs, we largely are viewed as a pink-loving, attention seeking, self-obsessed, online posse-creating, frivolous girls/boys club! And that's about to change - with this big award recognizing talent, influence and the serious business of blogging, we fashion bloggers will have a front row seats not only in the fashion weeks, but in the editorial hallways of big media houses! And they are asking me to wrap it up, Lord! I hear the faint strains of the music! I thank my husband for patiently clicking the pictures in 40 degree weather and putting up with me when I hog the closet space, and to all those bloggers who don't start their post by saying hello dolls!-peace out!" (I did't say I won't be candid!)
And that my friends was my big Oscar-esque spiel! Here is something for you to chuckle about!

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  1. You are seriously the BEST!!! I don't know how I lived my blogging life without you! Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Best post I've read in a while! :D

    1. Awwww Abby!! thanks so much!! {I will sure thank you too in my speech];-)

  2. haha..This was soo cute and so much fun..Maybe you could do a vlog wth the same speech ;) Would love that!

  3. are realy cute < this post :)

  4. Superb!! You are too natural Jyothi. With the little spare time I get in a day I am really trying to decode this whole fashion blogging thing and there are very few bloggers I feel connected to and you are definitely one among them.
    btw who is that in the picture? Is that you? did you have that long hair?? :-O


    1. Thanks Shruti! I appreciate your feelings! Yes, its me in the picture circa 2005!

  5. Awesome post!!! I had a really good laugh..



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