Style-Delights: What I want in 2012 - Top 5 On My Wishlist

January 2, 2012

What I want in 2012 - Top 5 On My Wishlist

(OK, Dream Wish List!) Just like January resolutions, I have a list of "I want" for 2012! Some of the things on my list are absolutely achievable, some not so much - but that's why I am calling it my dream list! And a girl surely can dream, can't she? Here is what I want in 2012-

1. To raid Kate's wardrobe

My regular readers must know by now that I am totally in love with Kate Middleton aka Duchess Of Cambridge's style! Is there anything she can't make look good and classy!  If not really 'raiding', I would love to emulate her wardrobe with sheaths, blazers, pencil skirts and ladylike pumps!

2. To copy Jennifer Aniston's workout routine

Toned arms, flat abs and overall healthy body! No wonder majority of Fitness magazine readers say they would like to have Jen as their workout buddy!

3. To travel in Miranda Kerr's style

Now this is one supermodel who always travels like she is on the runway! Her chic style on the airports in 2011 is a trend in itself!

4. To have Alton Brown's kitchen/pantry

If anybody can make cooking look absolutely fun- it is Alton Brown! He is the supercool professor we wish to have in every classroom! Good Eats inspires me to learn more about ingredients and cooking styles.

5. To (all) Kardashians to go away 
Need I say more? Enough is enough!

Well, 4 out of these 5 still seem possible!


  1. Don't we all! Here's to wishful thinking :) Happy 2012!

    ♡ from ©

  2. You won me with your last one ;) - Samar

  3. Love these, especially #5... Happy New Year XOXO

  4. If we won't dream then we won't achieve :) :) Happy 2012 to you and Keep dreaming and then realizing your dreams :)

  5. LOL! I love this!! I like your wish list. I agree with so many of these! I love Miranda Kerr's style a lot as well. And, who doesn't want Jennifer Aniston's body? She definitely has the perfect body! #5 is just hysterical! Love that one!! xx

  6. Cool! Every girl would wish that

    Happy New Year


  7. OMG! Alton Brown's kitchen looks like heaven...sigh...

  8. Totally agree with no 1 and no 5 :-) Massive fan of Kate and massive no-fan of the annoying K-clan.
    Love this post!!

    Anneli xx

  9. I've managed to avoid ever watching anything Kardashian.

  10. Oh My God... I think I pretty much want the same things, except for no.4...Hope u get all that you want and more in this new year. Here's hoping for a Kardashians free 2012!!!

    Happy New Year<3

  11. Thanks all!!
    Kionon, I am proud to say that I have never watched their reality show, but they are EVERYWHERE in magazine shelves, news websites and in annoying little ads, and I hope I can avoid their shameless invasion!

  12. LOVE your list! I agree with all of it! :)

  13. Eh, I don't really read magazines, and tend to stay away most news sites that are heavy on the celebrity gossip. Never seen an ad for the Kardashians either.

    Guess I am lucky.

  14. An 'I want' list sounds much better than new year's resolutions! 100% agree with number five haha.
    Laura @ Mother Mannequin

  15. I'm so tired of reality shows ... yawn ... it's all so incredibly fake ... and seems there are more and more of these 'project runway' type shows as well.

    Good reasons to turn off the telly and get the sewing machine out :-)

    This is my first visit to you blog and I'm loving it.


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