Style-Delights: My Inspiration Board - One Word At A Time, One Image At A Time!

January 1, 2012

My Inspiration Board - One Word At A Time, One Image At A Time!

January 1st is always the best day to hope, dream, make goals..This year, my goal is to be a better fashion blogger. Create a blog that looks great, reads better and inspires. Build the relationships and a community on my blog. To achieve this goal, I need a motivational reminder - images and words to keep me on track. I want an inspiration (virtual) pinboard with images of  some of the style icons I admire, and words that remind me to curate a better blog! And I believe I just created my perfect inspiration board that will remind me to move one step at a time toward my 'be-a-better-blogger' goal!

This post is my submission for 'IFB PROJECT #28: Create A Motivational Mood Board'. May this pinboard inspire you as it inspires me every time I look at it!


  1. I take it the ladies featured on your board are your fashion icons? I adore and am a huge fa of three of them - Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and SJP ;-)

    PS Very Happy NY to you!!!

    Anneli xx

  2. Happy New Year Anneli!
    Yes, I admire these ladies' style.

  3. Your inspiration board looks great!!

  4. the little phrases you featured are really inspiring and have given me some motivation for my next year of blogging! thank you :)

  5. Hey, we're all alike! :) I'm trying to be a better fashion blogger this new year as well... ^_^ Trying to blog more frequently and get some inspiring posts out there as well! We can all work towards our goal together! Loving your inspirational board, such a great motivator to keep on blogging! I also love browsing through fashion blogs on Tumblr, the pictures alone can spark the birth of a new blog post! :) You have a fantastic blog, new follower here! :) Happy New Year to you & can't wait to see some upcoming posts! =]


  6. Lovely!!! :) I will sure to come back for more posts from you!!! <3 :)


  7. Happy new year :)
    My resolution is solely to be me this year, just develop my style and dress how I want no matter what

  8. I love your goal for a better blog! I just found your blog, and it is already so amazing. :) I love that inspiration board and your IFB submission is gorgeous! Happy New Year!


  9. All of the women you featured are amazing in their own special ways. I look up to each of them :)
    'Dream, create, believe' - words I live by :)

    May 2012 be an amazing year for you and I look forward to seeing all of your posts :)

  10. Love all your elegant images here!
    I should add "unclutter" to my board, too!

  11. Thanks you all! I hope you stay inspired in 2012!

  12. LOVE UR MOOD BOARD!! i'm your new follower :) would appreciate if you can check out my blog and follow me too if u like it :)) thanks a lot!! x x x


  13. Great style icons! Such classy ladies. And great goals, too :)

  14. wishing u sucess n gr8 times with the blog jyo..


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