Style-Delights: Stressed Out? Need The Magic To Be Happy? Read On!

January 6, 2012

Stressed Out? Need The Magic To Be Happy? Read On!

Another year, another day, another morning - full of promise and full of stress as well! We all have responsibilities, families to take care of, work to be finished, presentations to be made, numbers to be crunched - and in the race to reach 'there', we get stressed out. And we all have been there! To break the monotony and feel energized, here is my list of 10 feel-good, pick-me-up, make-me-smile magic tricks! All you need is just a little time!

1. Get some aromatherapy
Think outside lavender vanilla! The fresh peppermint, eucalyptus or citrus scents in the morning showers can energize the body and mind to make you ready for another hectic day!

2. Go for a stroll with someone you love
Take a walk with your husband or best friend or your kid or a dog (or with all of them together!) The little moments have big impact in life!

3. Get a kitchen facial
Forget the trips to spa and expensive treatments. Open the kitchen cabinet (or even the medicine cabinet) for some instant TLC! Here is how to make an easy face mask. Works really well for troubled skin - one of my favorites!

4. DIY something
The process is more important than the results. Get inspiration from awesome blogs like Honestly WTF or I Spy DIY!  It might not come out to be perfect, but it will be super fun!

5. Give yourself a pedicure
Give your nail salon a break and get the little plastic tub out! Simply soaking the feet in warm water, few flower petals (or some regular shampoo) and massaging the soles can make a huge difference! That's the time when I get creative ideas:-)

6. Drink more water
Hey, even if there is no scientific proof, you will feel better!

7. Teach a child something
Teach a kid how to ride a bike, how to count backwards, how to draw a butterfly.. Trust me- it is the ultimate mood lifter!

8. Build an outfit around your least favorite/least used piece
We all have pieces in our closet we bought on an impulse and hardly use! (way out in the back where sun don't shine!, Yes plaid capris, I am talking about you!)  Make them the centerpiece of the outfit and build something fun! It is a good exercise if you time on your hand and you want some laughs!

9. Forget stats , play for a day
No more thoughts about numbers - be it calories (don't go all fried now!), Google analytics stats (yes, you blogger you!), salary or bonus..Just enjoy the moment. As my friend said the other day, the world is gonna end in 2012, better enjoy every day!:-)

10. Count your blessings
...and be thankful! You have it good!

Be Happy everybody!


  1. I love these! Thanks for this! I needed to read this today. Stressed! LOL! xx


  2. Hi!
    Love your blog! Positive and refreshing
    Found you on an IFB group, follow back at

  3. I like number eight! Having an outfit ready-to-go would relieve the already simple stress of choosing an outfit AND get some use out of that least-favorite piece. Definitely doing that when classes start. Great tips :)

  4. I simply love all your ideas be it fashion or now stress busting... great you are :) :)

  5. I liked all of these.. I shall definitely visit you again after this...

  6. Simple and sweet ideas! :) Pardon me for my ignorance but how does the aspirin mask help?


  7. Thanks all!
    Rt(t)ch Styles - It helps me dry the breakouts, minimizing redness around a new pimple (yuk! I know)and gives an over all glow to the skin. The rough-ish texture of this mask also exfoliates gently. I recommend using only once or twice a week, and make sure you are not allergic to aspirin.

  8. Love these ideas--you can never have enough happy!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Thanks..... Though I am not prone to frequent breakouts, will check it out when I have one next...


  10. Great tips..definitely some things here I should do more :)

  11. Could have used these tips last week when I was up to my neck in uni deadlines. No doubt I could use these tips for my next time of stress.
    Another good post from style-delights :)
    Laura @ Mother Mannequin

  12. Nice stuff. Normally I loathe all be-happy tips, but these are pretty. Without all the "spend less, work less" bullshit.


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