Style-Delights: How To Put Your Shopping On A Diet For A Healthier Closet!

January 21, 2012

How To Put Your Shopping On A Diet For A Healthier Closet!

I love shopping as much a as the next girl. The excitement of finding the perfect piece, the anticipation of dressing up with the newest find and the overall feeling of ownership makes shopping a perfect pick-me-up activity! They don't call it retail therapy for nothing! But just like a perfect calorie plan for your body, every closet needs a shopping plan. As smart women, we KNOW what we need. We all indulge at times, and watch the consumption at others. But if you think your consumption is more than your shopping plan allows, here are some ways to trim that VISA fat!

For Mild Shopping Diet - When you just want to control the unnecessary shopping while still enjoying the sport!

  • Master the art of 'just looking' - Sales associates' chirpy welcome, detailing of the today's sales and "what are you looking for today" question may put you on the spot, but don't buy because you feel pressured - smile and say I am just looking - they don't mind!
  • Audit your closet  - You should do a monthly audit of your closet (or once in 2 months). See what items you have not worn in a while, what items you are unlikely to wear any time soon. Keep all your clothes and accessories easily accessible. Out of sight, out of mind - and it will be out of circulation y'all!!!
  • Do not buy investment pieces when you are in between sizes - If you know you will lose or gain some pounds soon (pregnancy/post pregnancy is a big occasion), wait for your weight to come to a stable number before you buy that $200 dress!
  • Build an outfit when you buy something - We all buy for pleasure and the sheer joy of it and I myself believe in shopping as a recreational activity. But if you really want to trim down unnecessary shopping, think about how and what and where of the piece in question - How can you wear it? What can you mix it with? Where can you wear it?
  • For the items that you don't need immediately, wait for the seasonal deals - Buy timeless items you can use next season when they go on extreme sale! For example, buy Cashmere in the end of winter when retailers are cleaning shelves for spring clothing. Or stock up on swim suits/T-shirts just before fall when the summer stuff is going out of the racks!

For extreme Shopping Detox - If you think you are bordering on Shopoholism, follow these tips.

  • Buy with cash - when we see actual money going away from our hands, we become discerning in our purchases!
  • Sale does not mean BUY - 20% sale means you save 20%, 50% sale means you save 50%, but NOT BUYING means you save 100%!
  • When you get mail (USPS still in business) chuck the unnecessary coupons in the paper trash bin the the mail room (or as soon as come inside your house) If you take them home, you will be tempted to use the codes and be trapped in those one day sales!
  • When you go shopping (of course we can't just quit shopping), only look for the items you need - Do not try on if you know you should not buy it! Research says there is high likelihood of you buying something if you touch and feel it! (duh!)
  • Window shop ONLINE! - Sometimes we just shop for the sake of it! No need, no real interest even, but we stroll into a store and come back with the bagful of merchandise! Online browsing is a perfect cure for boredom shopping!  If that is not enough, try Polyvore to create gorgeous sets with designer duds and take satisfaction! It really helps me curb my mall craving!
Enjoy shopping - just like a rich decadent dessert - savor every piece instead of gorging it all at once! 


  1. This is why I:

    1) always have a mental list of items I want. Not on the list? No purchase.
    2) try to shop at vintage stores, thrift stores, and recycle shops.
    3) wear everything I purcahse or donate it/sell it immediate if it isn't worn.

    1. Kionon, # 3 is so important! This is usually the culprit of our situation when we have roomful of clothes and nothing to wear!! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Okay, I seriously love this because you think like I do!!! I am REALLY loving your blog the more and more I keep reading your posts! You are so cute! xx


  3. This is definitely something I need to do but I just cant help myself :( Im a shopaholic. lol.

    xoxo; CG ♥

  4. I am not an extreme shopoholic and I always say to the sales attendant that i am just looking and the rest of the curbing is done by husband dear by saying that do you really need it and I can't really cheat on the answer :) :)

  5. These are some great tips! I am a shopoholic tried and true. Though, I have been on a shopping ban for the past few months to get ready for my wedding. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

    1. Thanks Frannie! I am sure you will get plenty of shopping opportunities for your wedding prep!! Congrats and good luck!

  6. Great post. I love the idea of a shopping diet! Some great tips too. I agree buying clothes with actual money is likely to make me sit up and realise how much I am spending! I also avoid too much browsing the shops as it puts temptation on my way.

  7. Couldn't agree more!!! I like the analogies used! :)

    ♡ from ©

  8. fabulous post style delights..knock-knock u have a new follower!!!

  9. Oh my, I just keep going from post to post on here as a new reader. I have some many friends that NEED to read this post. I recently started keeping a list of needed items that actually go with my style to avoid buying stuff I end up not loving.

  10. great post! I love the way you compared the shopping habit with healthy style!

  11. aha i need these very badly .
    thank u Jyoti :)

  12. Great post! I usually end up buying something that wasn't on my shopping list :)

  13. Great Blog! Feels really good to see an Indian Face on Fashion Blogs..Please keep up the good work.


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