Style-Delights: Longing For a Winter White Wool Coat

January 10, 2012

Longing For a Winter White Wool Coat

Ever since I saw Anne Hathaway strutting down the Fashion Avenue in a white wool coat in Devil Wears Prada, I have been lusting after one for myself! Somehow could not find (yet) The One! But I hope to find a perfect white wool coat this year:-) 
The lush white softens the hard edges of winter days and looks super chic. Its versatile - just add accessories, scarves and shoes and a whole new outfit! Keep it simple or add colors, patterns, prints, textures ..possibilities are endless! My four favorite looks beside Anne are Eva Longoria and Kate Middleton (with the black buttons) and Leighton Meester and Jennifer Hudson with simple belt! Turn up the temperature in the winter white wool coat, I surely plan to do! (wink!)
Styling The White Coat - Leighton Meester, Eva Longoria, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Hudson
What do you long to add to your wardrobe this year? I want one of these-


  1. i really liked kate's one.


  2. OOO a nice white winter coat is just perfection

  3. Kate´s coat!Oh and I love that movie..
    xoxo Sabrina

  4. The Devil wears Prada is my all-time favorite movie! When I first saw it, being all of 13 years, the clothes seemed heaven sent :D

    Love Leighton Meester's all white ensemble with a pop of orange. Coincidentally, tangerine is 2012's 'It colour' !

  5. Oh I completely agree, Anne Hathaway looked amazing! I was completely in awe of her outfit as well.


  6. awww I own a white coat and I just adore it.. Very similar to Kate's one.. and I love your posts!!!am following!

  7. The coat is the most baetiful thing a ever see! love the white and the design


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