Style-Delights: Sarah Jessica Parker For Nordstrom Review & Launch Event

March 2, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker For Nordstrom Review & Launch Event

Sarah Jessica Parker For Nordstrom, SJP for Nordstrom, SJP Shoe Line
I am not big on bucket list and 101 things to do before die stuff, but if I did, meeting Sarah Jessica Parker would have been pretty high on that list! (I mean let's be honest, we all consider Carrie Bradshaw as our 'mental' BFF!) Meeting SJP proved that her cheerful personality, down to earth attitude and the ability to put everyone on ease is not just our imagination, it is the real her! I had a chance to meet and talk with Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch event of SJP for Nordstrom collection. I loved the beautiful (and so comfortable) collection of shoes, trench coats and clutches. SJP said she wanted her shoe line to be timeless  and not feel dated. She succeeds brilliantly in that aspect - these shoes have the classic appeal to them with feminine silhouettes and elegant looks. I tried a lot of them and I can vouch first hand - the shoes are really comfortable. (I am not surprised. After all, Carrie Bradshaw had once confidently proclaimed, " I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know!") The vibrant colors, fresh designs and high quality craftsmanship (they are made in Italy) makes these shoes a wardrobe investment piece. The shoes are priced around $300-$500 (a couple of sandals are around $245) and trench coats are priced $495. Here are some of my favorite shoes from the collection -
4 - SJP 'Ina' Pump (super comfortable and look even better in person)

This navy trench looks and fits like a dream! I tried it on in size 6 (and SJP herself fixed the collar and gushed that it looks so pretty on me! *surreal moment*) This is available on pre-order online, shipping on March 15th I think. You can check your local store too. The coat comes in two colors, navy and khaki. I liked the navy one more in person.
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker for Nordstrom Review

In an exclusive interview in February issue of O magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker had said that she had a lot of opportunities in past to put her name on  a shoe line, but she didn't want to endorse something she herself couldn't wear or ask people to shell out top dollars on something mass produced in China. So she called a certain Mr George Malkemus (umm, the CEO of little shoe company, Manolo Blahnik) and he asked her to come to his office. Thus began their business partnership, resulting in this gorgeous collection.
And guess who I spied at the room - the man himself! I had a great time talking Mr Malkemus about his partnership with SJP, his involvement with Dress for Success charity, importance of looking your best, his passion for giving back to the community. He was so insightful and gracious. He also confirmed they are already working on the Fall collection for this line! Hooray!
CEO of Manolo Blahnik George Malkemus

And these babies came home with me! 
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker for Nordstrom Review
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  1. Lovely coat dear...loved the shoes...:-)

  2. loving the 4th shoes! absolutely gorgeous!!

    I've made a wishlist. Hope you could check it out and click the links I included there, because I'll be needing enough unique clicks. Hope you could help me out. Thank you.


  3. Hi Jyoti! Wow wow wow! When I saw the photo with her I left speechless! How cool, well done dear! Must have been an amazing and such unique experience! Also talking with Mr Malkemus. The line is to die for, really love it. My fav pair is just the one you brough home :) Happy Sunday! xo

  4. Amazing photos! Love the shoes you brought home - great colour!!

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  5. That's so amazing!!! Love the pictures and picks!

  6. I'm so jealous of you Jyoti! The ones you have on are divine! I cannot wait to try these on at a Nordies'! I might not make a purchase, but I'll get a kick (pun intended) out of seeing how pretty these look.

  7. I can't wait to see how you style these heels. Honestly, I am a bit underwhelmed by the collection. I just expected a bit more a wow factor. I do want to stop by and check the craftsmanship of them. And how exciting that you got to meet SJP - she seems like a really nice person.


  8. You two look sweet :)) Am happy you got to go and have a great time too. Wonderful pieces of her collection xx

  9. That looks sooo much fun! SJP is a beautiful person. I hope to meet her in LA at Nordys. Love the shoes you picked, they looked great with that color polish!

  10. Jyotiiiii.....I am so jealous...:-). Love your heels. I too loved the Navy trench coat.

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