Style-Delights: Celebrate Spring With Duane Reade #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias

March 17, 2014

Celebrate Spring With Duane Reade #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias

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For me, Spring not only means changes in the season, but also the changes in my home, in my style and changes in my hair & make up routine. Spring cleaning the home or apartment, organizing the closets, making checklists for cleaning supplies and re-organizing the home take priority over everything else. Sometimes, it may even become overwhelming to finish up the tasks and still enjoy the beauty of the season. Luckily, Duane Reade takes care of my 'Spring Cleaning List' - it is the one stop shop not only for my apartment, but also for Spring allergies medicines, pharmacy needs, my beauty supplies and body care products. Speaking of body, I don't know about you guys, but I feel that during the winter season, somehow I don't give my feet the usual TLC. Don't get me wrong, they are still clean and get moisturized, but because they are mostly in socks/boots, the extra love they need takes the back seat. Now with the arrival of Spring, the strappy sandals come out to play and suddenly I realize I need to amp up my feet care routine. Call me cheap, but I am not gonna shell out $$$ for expensive pedicures every 2 weeks. Specially when I can get spa like results with the products I get at my local Duane Reade. To get my feet ready for sexy, strappy Spring shoes, the Champneys foot scrub does the trick. This scrub is from the brand Boots ( if you ever lived or visited England, you would know what I am talking about!) that is renowned for its beauty and body care products. 
  The all natural ingredients like tea tree oil, olive butter and peppermint give a spa like rejuvenation to your feet in minutes! Just slather a little onto your feet, scrub and rinse. No appointments necessary
Boots products at Duane Reade, #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias
Boots products at Duane Reade, #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias
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Champneys foot scrub is used by their prestigious countryside spas by over 400 professional therapists. With the Duane Reade Balance Rewards card, I got this for 20% off! Such a great deal for a professional spa product!
I soak my feet for 8-10 minutes and scrub them with this foot scrub and in minutes my feet are fresh and soft.
Boots products at Duane Reade, #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias
After scrubbing, I use Botanics dehydrating body butter (another must-try product from Boots) on my feet. The plant extracts soften and smooth my skin without chemicals and the non-greasy formula makes it easy to apply before going to bed - so no worry of oily stains on the bed sheet! And the best part - it smells heavenly!!
Botanics Rehydrating Body Butter review, #DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias

For Spring make up needs, Duane Reade LOOK boutique is my to-go place! It really feels like shopping at a make up specialty store with much better prices and service! I can roam around in spacious isles, try out product samples to choose the ones that suit me and there is always a professional staff member to help me with any questions I have. Best of all, LOOK boutique sales people never put pressure (unlike some beauty counters at the department stores!) to make you buy something you don't want to! Seriously, Duane Reade Look boutiques are New York's little beauty secret! 
Duane Reade LOOK Boutique, #DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias

#DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias
The Balm Cosmetics testers at Duane Reade LOOK Boutique

As warm weather arrives and layers of clothing are shed, it is evident that T-shirts are less forgiving than the fluffy down jackets on my mommy tummy! For keeping my body fit and healthy, I always try to utilize delicious, healthy ingredients that taste great. At Duane Reade, their brand Delish offers foods that not only taste good, but also are good for our bodies. I love their dried fruits; I eat them for snacks, use them in desserts and today I am sharing my breakfast oatmeal recipe using Delish dried mixed fruits and my secret ingredient - cardamom!

Healthy Oatmeal breakfast recipe, Delish Dry Fruits, #DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias
 For two - three servings, I use half cup of instant oats, 1 cup of organic skim milk, 3/4 cups of Delish mixed dried fruits (cut to bite-sized pieces), couple of cardamom pods (freshly ground with a mortar and pestle) and some honey. You can use brown sugar or agave nectar too to sweeten it up.
Healthy Oatmeal breakfast recipe, Delish Dry Fruits, #DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias
I just toss everything together in a microwave safe bowl and heat it up on high heat for 2 minutes. Instant healthy breakfast without any effort! It also tastes great after refrigerating for few hours. Great option for weeknight desserts!
Healthy Oatmeal breakfast recipe, Delish Dry Fruits, #DRSpringTime, #CollectiveBias

If you are in New York or the New York Metro area, take advantage of Duane Reade Balance Rewards card to shop and save on Spring essentials.(They have great deals on Easter candies and Spring baskets BTW) The convenient locations and exclusive products make them a no-brainer when it comes to shopping for everyday needs.
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