Style-Delights: Have Allergy? Get Beauty Tips To Combat ALLERGY FACE™

September 6, 2013

Have Allergy? Get Beauty Tips To Combat ALLERGY FACE™

This post brought to you by Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

An interesting tidbit about me - for almost 3 decades of my life, I did not have allergies! Of any kind! Then one fine day, I got this bad sore throat, runny nose and non stop sneezing, and later found out that I have seasonal allergies! Actually I am not alone, this infographic explains how millions of Americans suffer from season allergies and pollen allergy and how most of us restore to covering up our faces to deal with it!

Allergies are not only annoying and uncomfortable,they also affect the way we look! Runny nose and watery eyes don't make a pretty picture my friend! My doctor prescribed ZYRTEC® to alleviate my symptoms and it really helped me alleviate the symptoms.

I also got quick and easy beauty tips to combat Allergy Face and learned how to make little changes in my routine to feel better. For example, using aloe vera in my moisturizer to reduce redness and using green tea bags to soothe puffy eyes! These tips are really helpful when you are running on a tight schedule and don't have hours to fix your face! Check out this video for more tips like these from beauty expert Rebekah George (commonly seen at Today Show and Good Morning America among other TV programs)

ZYRTEC® is the #1 allergist recommended brand among OTC oral antihistamines. It provides fast* allergy relief of your worst allergy symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and itchy nose and throat, caused by indoor and outdoor allergy triggers such as dust, mold and pet dander, tree pollen, weeds and grasses. For more on allergy combat, Check out Zyrtec on Facebook and stay healthy!


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  1. This was really good, very informative :)) x

  2. I had the same experience re: allergies, began suffering from severe food allergies and spring & fall allergies. Then I adopted a paleo lifestyle and diet, started using all organic household cleaners and beauty products (most made very simply & easily with one or two organic products) and organic cosmetics (Vapour, 100% Pure, and Acquarella are my favorites), and I am allergy-free, plus I feel so very good all the time, and best of all I take no drugs at all!


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