Style-Delights: Wishlist Of Pretty Things & Lorraine Tyne Jewelry Giveaway Winner

April 25, 2013

Wishlist Of Pretty Things & Lorraine Tyne Jewelry Giveaway Winner

I love pretty things. I love beautiful delicate things. I love cotton candy movies (you know the ones where they show New York in its full Spring/Fall glory and none of the cigarette butts on the street or stinky subway stations at the rush hour!), I love romantic books where the guy always understands the girl's point of view and I love dressing up in a girly girl attire. What you gonna do!
Here, take a good look at some of the pretty things I have my eyes on! Then tell me I am wrong to love them!

2. T-shirt - JCrew
3. Dress - Tory Burch
4. Necklace - BaubleBar
5. Bag - Aldo
6. Shoes - Bandolino via DSW

If I may take your attention away from all the gorgeousness above please....
Here is the winner of Lorraine Tyne Jewelry Giveaway....**drum rolls**
Congratulations Leeann M!!  You win $40 giftcard to shop for your favorite pieces from Lorraine Tyne! Enjoy!
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And don't forget to enter another awesome giveaway by Chicnova! Look at the fab merchandise you can win!!


  1. Can't help but picture myself wearing those gorgeous heels. I am a bright hues kinda person !!

  2. Love the Tory burch dress and the shoes!

    I have entered your giveaway! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Hi Jyoti! I love that stuff too! As well as your finds! In particular, I like the shirt, the necklace and the bag! Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  4. amazing selection! want it all!

    thanks for your comment! yes! maybe we could follow each other?

    I have a new entry with an easy hair tip in my blog! check it out if you want! :) blogthedreams, kisses!

  5. I love everything! Especially the tee and dress! Fun!

  6. I just love that Tori Burch dress!


  7. I want it all. Very beautiful things!!


  8. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and where u’ve followed me!
    Be sure I’ll flw back)

  9. I love how you styled all of these looks!

  10. Great picks! I am totally loving the dress, the cut looks fantastic. And the printed pants are fun too!

  11. M loving the Tory Burch dress and those heels!!!!


  12. Those yellow and black heels are adorable, perfect for summer!

  13. Such a fun collection! BTW, I messaged you a few days back about meeting in NY. I'll be there this weekend. Drop me a line if you can

  14. ohhh the shoes the shoes!!


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