Style-Delights: Book review: Whole Nine Yards - Art Of Draping a 'Sari'

April 27, 2013

Book review: Whole Nine Yards - Art Of Draping a 'Sari'

If you are from India, or have been to India, or know of the fact that there a country named India, you must be aware of the exquisite garment 'Sari' - the unofficial, national dress of India. It is a garment that is mysterious (it is not stitched, how do you wear it?), it is sexy (you can drape it to reveal the sinuous curve of your waist and the graceful sweep of your back), it is versatile (all regions and states have their own style of weave, pattern, dying styles) and it has a rich history that dates back thousands of years! This is a simple garment that can be styled in hundreds of different ways, but not all of us know how! India's premiere Sari stylist Kalpana Shah (she has styled the movie stars, corporate bigwigs and the gorgeous spreads of many fashion magazines!) shows us the different ways of style a Sari with rich photos and easy to understand, simple instructions in her latest coffee table book Whole Nine Yards. This lush and gorgeous book is a great addition to anybody's collection - whether they want to learn more about Sari, or they want to know the new, stylish ways to drape this age old Indian attire! I had the pleasure of receiving this beautiful book while I was visiting India recently and I loved every glossy page of it!! The book is a great resource for not only the women who are looking to reinvent their wardrobe by discovering the new ways to wear the same Sari, but also for those who want to learn about this garment.
 Kalpana gives a step by step details for every drape in the book! Seriously, you'll feel like you have your own Sari stylist dressing you up!!
 The famous top Bollywood actress Kalpana has styled include Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor , Deepika Padukone among many more!

Whole Nine Yards has nifty little details about the things you need to wear a Sari comfortably! Aesthetically, the book is beautiful and is a great conversation piece. You can buy Whole Nine Yards at Klipart Creations or on Amazon for $150 (or 5,999 Indian Rupees)

Do you wear Sari? If you are not from India, are you intrigued yet?:-)
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  1. This book is amazing !!!! I am studying fahsion design and the theme I've chosen for my project has an indian twist so this is great to see x

  2. Looks like an incredible book! Indian Fashion is so pretty and unique!

    Have a great weekend! Pip

  3. I hav worn a saree sooo many times.. but not a single time have I draped it myself.. always need help.. Have decided high time I learn to do it myself!

  4. The book does look amazing from the pics you've posted:)Some of my good friends are of Indian-descent, and have been to a few Indian weddings. I'm always so jealous of the beautiful saris....

  5. Jyoti, I'm so intrigued by Sari, I'd love to wear one, is my dream! Is a dreamy and princess-like garment! The book must be so interesting:) Have a nice weekend dear! xo

  6. I have to get my Sari put on by a professional since I no longer live near my mother! This is such a great idea for a book and I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the heads up - I have so many Sari's that I rarely get to wear because of the difficulty in putting it on-


  7. Those look beautiful! :)

  8. That seems like a really useful book!! The sari has got to be the most versatile garment ever! Though at 5000+ rupees, I probably wouldn't rush out to buy the book, it looks like it would make a beautiful gift!

  9. This is so interesting! I love all kinds of cultural fashion!

  10. Wow this book is beautiful! And I am a graphic designer so that is saying something.

    Ali of

  11. That book looks amazing! Wish I could afford it...
    I ADORE Indian textiles and of course saris are a major category. I love the fact that they're simply yardage that is artfully draped. Not sure I would be comfortable traipsing around LA in one -- but I sure appreciate their beauty!
    I recently found a charity resale shop in our regional Indian community (Artesia) and the saris are $8 - $15. I am in heaven.

  12. Saris are such a wonderful piece of clothing. So appropriate for beaches in the Bahamas.

    They are just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful book, perfect for the coffee table!

    Hope you are well, take care :) xx

  13. Such an amazing post! Loved the pictures, want that book now!

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  15. Thanks for giving a brief information about Saree draping, Kalpana is doing great job. I wish you all the best..


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