Style-Delights: Say Goodbye To Dry Eyes With Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® (and you could win $100 spa giftcard!)

April 19, 2013

Say Goodbye To Dry Eyes With Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® (and you could win $100 spa giftcard!)

As a contact lens wearer, I can tell you first hand how irritating it is when your eye feel dry. It is annoying and takes away from your productivity. If, God forbid, this happens while driving, it can cause distraction and even injury. {I usually feel my lens dry up when I work on the computer for a long time.}
Fortunately, the good people in white coats at Bausch and Lomb heard the dry-eye-pleas of contact lens wearers! Their new lens cleaning solution Biotrue is the 'solution' for dry eyes as well! 

Biotrue lens solution matches the pH of healthy tears and has the same lubricant found naturally in the eye. The innovative solution also helps keep certain beneficial tear proteins active, and removes deposited proteins that can blur your vision and make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable. 
If you wear contact lenses, participate in Bausch + Laumb dry eye poll (takes less than a minute) and you can win a bottle of Biotrue to experience the comfort yourself! You can also win a pretty green tote bag or bio true printed water bottle or a $100 spa giftcard!!! 
So what are you waiting for?? Spin the wheel and play!

I took the poll and won a bottle of Biotrue! No more dry eyes for me:-)
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  1. good project!

    - A.

  2. Looks amazing! I have a new blog link by the way!


  3. I have dry eyes too! This one could be very good for me! Kisses Jyoti, have a nice weekend! xo

  4. Hey! Great post I just came across
    your blog and I love it! It would
    be amazing if you could visit my blog too.
    We can also follow each other if you like! :)

  5. I recently bought this contact lens solution...I was skeptical but am now thrilled with how my eyes feel. No more dry irritated eyes at the end of the day. Every contact lens wearer should try this!! Your eyes are worth it. ;)


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