Style-Delights: Get Fit (fashionably!) with Ellie

April 17, 2013

Get Fit (fashionably!) with Ellie

I am not a size zero, I am not a gym rat and I love my food. But I love and respect my body (it is the only one I got you know!) and therefore, 'stay fit' is on the top of my to-do list everyday.  I am also obsessed with interested in fashion, and keep an eye out for stylish workout clothes. So when activewear brand Ellie contacted me to have a look at their innovative and stylish workout clothes, I HAD to try them! And believe you me, their collection will make you want to wake up early and go for a run (or to that spinning class you always try to avoid!) The colors are refreshing, fabrics are made to absorb sweat and let the skin breathe and the fit is just perfect!
How can Ellie promise to deliver all that ? First off, their clothes are designed by WOMEN! Hello, a girl knows how we women want our yoga pants to fit at the rear end! Secondly, their Trufit Technology takes the guessing out of sizing. I love the way my Electric Love Capri fits me and moves with me! The fabric is stretchable and skims your curves in the right way. The mesh top I tried is a cropped one that fits loosely and is perfect for layering over a sports bra or a tank top. 
OK, full disclosure: I usually don't smile while doing my lunges, It is more like grunting, you can say!

As you can see, I tried running, stair-ing, lunging, squatting in these bottoms and I witnessed first hand how smooth the fabric feels, how well it stretches with the moves and the fit feels like it is custom tailored for ME! The bonus: There are no awkward seams ( and no camel toe!!!)
Their website is such a fun place to shop! I took a style quiz where you tell your preferred style (like do you prefer full length or cropped length bottoms, tank tops or full sleeves), your workout preference (outdoor, indoor, running, yoga etc) and your size, and they give you a choice of work out clothes saving a lot of time! Now, you can buy as a regular shopper just click and pay and done, or you can become a member and choose 2 pieces EVERY MONTH for just $49.99!  So if you are a busy gal on the go, you can avoid countless trip to the stores, trying on those pesky sports bras, not finding your sizes and colors!
I know you want to give Ellie a try! 
Find their new collection on
Be a fan on their Facebook Page (they have great giveaways for fans!)
Follow the fit and fashion talks on Twitter at @meetellie

So what are you waiting for? Get a move on!! I'll see you at the finish line!
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  1. Love this! :) a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, not just a number or goal.

    These pants sound lovely, not to mention they're a gorgeous color, will definitely check them out!!

    And lol, love the no awkward seams, made me laugh

    xo Haylee

  2. In some sense I have been inspired for working out with u. And this will definitely in my shopping cart. I will definitly rrcommend .

  3. It fits you perfectly! Love these :)


  4. Oh, I love those workout pants SO much. And you have a smokin' body! Wow, girl. :)

  5. I'm in love with the capri.. so true.. I'd wake up early to wear it :P
    Love the design! :)

    Maybe you have time to see my new blog post: Udobuy~ Earn points and Shop more :)


  6. Great post! Love your gym pants! Cute!

  7. thank you for reading my post,your gym pants is so beautiful,love this post,and enjoy your sport side

  8. Those capris look lovely on you and fit so well...And those colors are so refreshing and soothing to the eyes. :)

  9. loveyour shoes!!! kisses

  10. Love those pants!

    Will definitely checkout the site! Hope they have international delivery!

  11. So true healthy is a lifestyle and a way of life. I really love the turquoise bottoms; a nice break from the classic black workout gear.

  12. I love those gym bottoms!

    - Sukhi

  13. I agree with you! Fitness is a way of life :)

    Looking very cute even in workout clothes!

  14. It's a very nice and interesting post. Love your shoes and pants.

  15. Hi Jyoti! You are very fit! I didnt know the brand, for sure their clothes are perfect for gym! Your capri pants are so cool, love the color! You look great and so bright! Kisses dear! xo

  16. aww you've inspired me to get fit!

  17. You look great! I think it's great to keep in shape to be healthy & take care rather than to be stick thin!! xx

  18. The workout outfit is uber stylish... my workout wardrobe needs a def upgrade so will check out their website!


  19. What a nice post! I love fashionable work outs! ;) Do you want to follow each other? xoxo

  20. What size did you wear on the Ellie pants??


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