Style-Delights: Newsweek Goes Vintage For Mad Men, 'Retrofies' Its Ads!

March 24, 2012

Newsweek Goes Vintage For Mad Men, 'Retrofies' Its Ads!

Mad Men and can't wait for season 5 which premiers on March 25th! The poignant story lines, the perfect interplay of imperfect characters, the fashion, 60's New York, rise of the Madison Avenue - this series had us at the first frame of the pilot episode! Don, Betty, Joan, Peggy and Roger (*swoon*) and even slimy Peter stole the hearts of audience and we really can't get enough of Mad Men. 
Pictures via AMC TV Mad Men Blog

And it seems Newsweek people too love Mad Men as I do! The Magazine's March 26-April 2nd issue is unique. Its content has a vintage 60ish look, including the ads! I have never been more in love with printed picture before!! Check out the Estée Lauder ad below. Don't you wish we all dressed and look as people from Mad Men?

All Ad pictures via

Are you a Mad Men fan? Ready for tomorrow? 
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  1. Hi! Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment! I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more!
    xx, Danielle

  2. So, I have never watched Mad Men. At least I am honest. However, I have decided to start watching the show. So, what I am doing is beginning from season 1. Thanks to Netflix. I will not be caught up in time for this season but, by next season I should be.
    I do love looking at retro ads. Enjoy the new season.

  3. Love the Retro ads. They have a class and creativity which modern world doesn't exude.

    ∞ © ∞

  4. Wow I love this TV show and all the pics that you found!!!

    I want to thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, you're so sweet and I really appreciate.

    I'm so glad that you like my blog and I'm so happy that you started to follow me!

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    thank you again and congrats again for your blog, very beautiful!



  5. i hear that mad men is a really great tv show!
    you've just inspired me to watch the first episode :)

  6. How cool! I love the show and didn't know about these ads until your post. Thanks for sharing: they're so cool.

  7. i too am a big fan of Mad men! love your article and the way you ve highlighted ads!

    Facebook buddies? :O
    Love from Bindigasm.

  8. Ahhh, I just love vintage anything, and Mad Men is such a guilty pleasure! Love all of these <3

    Trendy Teal

  9. the vintage feeling is in the air.. amazing post! :D

    xx, Helen

  10. luv the 'vintagey' adverts!

    thanks for your lovely comment :)

    i'm your new follower :)

  11. I love the retro-style ads. I have never watched Mad Men but one of my neighbours is an original Mad Man who worked in advertising in New York at a major firm during that era. I love sixties styling but also hope we can stick to the fun and fashion and avoid making socially regressive thinking "cool." Great post!

  12. I only watched season 1, they made us watch it in my advertising class. you have a nice blog btw! now following

  13. Hello my dear! What a lovely pics' selection!:) The last image is too cute! And I love the Estee Lauder campaign!!:) Have a great sunday! Kisses!:*

  14. Hey, Jyoti!
    First, thanks galore for your compliment on my blog and for following me!! I'm also very glad you gave me chance to discover yours, which is very pleasant and inspirational! I value great fashion sense and a witty writing style, and you sure have both, girl! Plus, the interesting contents you choose make it far more interesting! Since launching Nuar, I also keep on pondering over how to improve it, and try to learn from others like you. Of course, I'm following you back! XOXO, María José

  15. I love looking at retro ads! some of them are so cheesy and highly entertaining :D

  16. I believe it's hight time I saw this tv series!

  17. i dont know why but i like vintage ads, and some vintage styles!

  18. i saw some episodes, and I liked! great ads.

  19. Hey dear! Thanks for your sweet comment!!! I'll follow you now via gfc and via twitter, and via bloglovin' too!!!! maybe you follow me back¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?
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