Style-Delights: Please Don't Call It 'Being A Survivor'!

March 4, 2012

Please Don't Call It 'Being A Survivor'!

I am usually a calm person, very tolerant and easy going, really. I try to look at both sides of the story, give people benefit of the doubt, forgive the first strike, and as they say, before passing a judgement I try to walk in your shoes!. But there are some things that rile me up pretty bad. Reality shows being one of them (but that story later!) Today what I am talking about is the free (and some what loose) use of the term "survivor" regarding 'celebrities-gone-bad-gone-good-again'. This term has been used in past for Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse  and Whitney Houston (may they RIP) and even Kim Kardashian (SMH!). Newest case in point- Lindsay Lohan! On the Today Show, on Saturday Night Live and most other media outlets she is being touted as a 'survivor'/comeback kid and what not. Now don't get me worng - I am happy that Lindsay is pulling her act together and trying to focus on her career - I love a comeback story as much as the next Rocky-watching, Seabiscuit-reading, Erin Brockovich-loving girl, but when your own stupidity and wrong choices get you in trouble, getting out of it means that Darwin's theory is not perfect and sometimes not-the-fittest survive too! Lindsay had it all - a great career, love of the media and a lot of money, but she herself decided to make wrong choices and everything got spiraled down from there. She had many chances to prove that she is a responsible person, but decided to make the same mistakes again and again! If you ask a recent graduate buried under the student loan, carrying on his/her ambitions and dreams in the heart, or a single mom working two jobs - if they will take the 1/1000th of what Lindsay Lohan had - I am pretty sure they will hang on to it, make a life out of it, contribute to the society and be thankful to God for that one opportunity! My point is - life gives you $h!t. We all can look back and blame circumstances for our sitautions, but in the end, it is our decisions that bring on the consequences. If you act responsibly, you will not need to survive. So instead of crowning millionaire celebrities as 'survivors' we should probably save the word for people who really survive on sheer grit and talent!
PS. I wish Lindsay Lohan all the best and hoping she stays out of trouble!

PPS. And here I am, ready to 'survive' play date for my sweet girl (fortunately, afternoon tea-date for me with fellow Mom)

Shirt, Cardigan - Ann Taylor
Jeans- Urban Outfitter
Shoes - Target
Bag - Burberry

How are you surviving today?


  1. Very well said. It's just a matter of how everything gets blown out of proportion when it comes to celebrities and their shenanigans. I like your clean and simple look here. Your hair looks amazing in all your photos. Any tips for the not-so-fortunate like me??

  2. Thanks BeingFab. My hair is actually frizzy, I use a flat iron and a heat protectant after every wash..But the thickness and shine is thanks to my genes I guess!

  3. Brilliantly said!!! One reason why I'm not into watching reality shows..

    You look pretty!!


  4. You look fabulous and I love your outfit.

  5. Well, it takes a dramatic spin to climb back into the headlines, doesn't it? That's how these celebrities pay their agents and their managers and their gardeners and their nannies and their designer gown bills, and how the networks and the talk-show hosts, etc. all make their living... The business of Hollywood spins in its own orbit. But I know what you're saying - it cheapens the true survivors of misfortune. Thoughtful post. You look great, by the way.

  6. Great post,totally agree!

  7. Looking great Jyoti , Lady in blue ! Wanted to see more of that yellow shirt / top maybe next time in another post.
    About people who do the same mistakes again and gain and still don't learn - everybody is creating their destiny with their own actions -
    Take care,

  8. Well said, Jyoti! And you look fabulous too, for your play date - love those shoes. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  9. Love the shoes! Leopard is my favorite animal print.

  10. very cute! love the shoes - heels look stylish, but still comfy enough for mommying!

  11. I am loving this outfit Jyoti! I totally agree with you on Lilo. She really had a lot going for her, and I don't know what she was thinking to just act the way she did! I do hope for the best, and Kate Moss did make a come-back but people will only change if they want to.

  12. You look great in blue color. The leopard shoe is awesome too.

    Gray Dress

  13. I survived a mammogram today :-)
    I think the dentist is much worse, actually.

  14. I agree with you. And, like you, I'm really rooting for Lindsay.
    My blog is all about celebrity red carpet fashion, and I recently did a posting on Lindsay at an industry party and for one of her court dates. At the end of the post, I asked my followers and readers, which Lindsay did they like best. I posted a picture from her Mean Girls days and one from the party.
    She's hardly recognizable.
    And, I love that outfit. I especially like your shoes. I'm a sucker for anything animal print.

  15. your outfit is so nice! :)

  16. I'm really enjoying your blog..
    Usually I just look at the pictures and run, but I've read two full post so
    I'll be following.

    My blog is more picture heavy, but please check it out. Would love for you to follow as well.
    Have a great one!

  17. your blog is really look very pretty :)

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