Style-Delights: I'd Like To Thank The Academy....

March 24, 2012

I'd Like To Thank The Academy....

The best thing about blogging is the feeling of being part of a community, a connection with creative, stylish and inspiring bloggers. During the past few months of my serious blogging, I  I have made acquaintances and friends and have received encouragement and some pretty cool blogger awards for which I am so grateful!! Unfortunately, with a busy household, scheduled posts and taking time for 'me', I was not able to 'accept' those awards as It involves answering questions about myself {that always gives me a pause:-)} Today, I am collectively accepting the awards given by my fellow bloggers and saying a big THANK YOU!! Here are the wonderful, creative bloggers who acknowledged my blog -

Kaiyla from kaiysrunway gave me Versatile Blogger Award.
Bulbulvish from elegancestylized Tagged me
Ayantika from Bong's Belleza gave me Kreative Blogger Award
Samantha from Style-Pick gave me Versatlie Blogger Award
Heel In Mint gave me Versatile blogger Award
Classy AKAlychic gave me I Love Your Blog Award 
Melody Louise  gave me Versatile Blogger Award
Purvi from Purvi's Creative Hub gave me a Versatile Blogger Award
Ritcha from Ri(t)ch Style gave me One Lovely Blog Award

THANKS SO MUCH, your love and encouragement and pat on the back! It means so much to me. Most of these awards asked me to write 7 things about myself so here it goes
  • I am 5'8' tall, and love heels. *sigh*!
  • I love old Hindi movie songs - I mean really really old - circa 1950s, 60s 70s!
  • I met my husband online and fell in love with his voice when he first called me - really, he had me at Hello!
  • I love my daughter very very very much, but sometimes find motherhood overwhelming and question my ability as a parent!
  • I do not like chocolates (only a little!)
  • My best friend and I have known each other since middle school and we still can laugh over silly things as if we are giggling 12 years olds!
  • I do not care for money, only the things money can buy!!
And one question I was asked to answer when tagged was - 'What is my favorite quote?"- There are many but I will write one that I most believe in - 
'प्रसन्नता परिस्थिति सापेक्ष नहीं, मनस्थिति सापेक्ष है' Loosely translated it means - 'Happiness depends on the state of your mind not on the state of your circumstances.'
Thanks again for the awesome bloggers who were gracious enough to acknowledge my blog!
Hope I continue to live up to your expectations!
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  1. I totally share your feelings about blogging and I am very happy for all these awards, you sure deserve every single one!:*

  2. What a sweet post!You really deserve them!

  3. Great quotation. And I agree with the others -- you deserve the attention!

  4. Hello dear, you really deserves them! I like your blog and also how u connect with people!:) Is beautiful you know your best friends from ages, is the same for me too!:) You too have a nice day my dear and keep on with your great work!:) Kisses!:)

  5. loved your quote choice !
    and old hindi songs...evergreen...when i am in studio i need 50s 60s music.
    and online love ;)

  6. Jyoti, Congratulations for getting all the awards. I do believe that you are such a versatile blogger. You are also down to earth and can really connect with your readers. You have that ability. You have given me many fashion ideas through your blog.
    About motherhood, although I am not a mother yet, I feel that when your child grows up a little, you will not feel overwhelmed anymore. I know because I have a cousin sister, beautiful just like you and she has a daughter like you - she used to feel overwhelmed too earlier but not anymore!
    Take care,

  7. i'm actually really new into blogging and all such gestures make me feel i know everyone here since a very long time..seeing my name on your blog feels really deserve all the awards ^__^
    *Happy Blogging*

  8. wow congratulations!!! you deserved well!!! take care and have a great weekend!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. You truly deserve all of those awards! Your an amazing person! Keep up with the great posts!

    Kaiyla <3

  10. Congrats on your awards. I must say I to love heels and I too do not crave chocolate as others do. I think when it comes to motherhood we all struggle with the "what am I doing" moments. Maybe it's the mothers who think they know it all who should be really worried :)

  11. Sweet post ,it is nice to find something more about you :)

  12. I can agree about having moments of doubt about my abilities as a parent.

  13. aha at 5.8 Jyoti ...lovely to know u little more and congragulations for the awards
    u truly deserve it gal :))

  14. Thanks sweetie for your lovely comment!
    If only I could, I would fly right now in NYC to a fashion week! :D
    Congratulation on your award!

  15. I agree with your thoughts on blogging, and I really like that quote
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and for following, you are so sweet, am following back of course, your blog is lovely!
    Anticipating new posts and stay blessed

  16. hey girl! thnx for ur lovely comment and for following!

    I'm following u too now!

  17. All the awards are well deserved!! :)


  18. Hi Jyoti, sorry for the delayed response. I've been working on some stuff (do check it out on my blog :))

    I love your quote on happiness and I try to live by that. It's always nice to have a best friend with whom you can be most at ease.

    p.s. Mad Men premiered! Can't wait to catch it when it's on Aussie tellie.

    Have a good day.


  19. Hey Jyoti...thanks for accepting the award...nice to know things about you :)


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