Style-Delights: Things To Do In NYC: New York Water Taxi Guided Tours

June 2, 2015

Things To Do In NYC: New York Water Taxi Guided Tours

Whether you are visiting New York City or live around here, its sights and sounds, multicultural people and ever-changing skyline will always capture your fancy. I have been living here for four years now and still find myself wide-eyed and mesmerized with this bundle of energy called New York! One of my favorite activity to do is take a boat ride/cruise on a warm day. Specially when I have visitors in my house - we all go for the boat ride under the sun! I simply love the York Water Taxi tours. The guided tour is fun, relaxing and full of interesting information about NYC. I have been on it numerous times and every time I feel I saw something new or got to know some fact about New York City I didn't know before!
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The bright yellow checkered boats (replicating the famous New York City taxi) are accessible from five locations in NYC. Pier 79, W.39th St Christopher Street Battery Park, Slip 6 Pier 11, Slip A Pier 1- DUMBO  and Red Hook Dock, Van Brunt Street. The best thing about New York Water Taxi tour is that with its all-access day pass, you can hop off any of the above locations, explore on your own and come back to take the next available taxi to continue your tour. Boats run about every 45 minutes and you can rejoin at any stop along the way. I love the tour guides on these rides. They are witty and funny and tell jokes and explain things in a way that will make people laugh their way to a better understanding of New York’s layout, history, tourist attractions and neighborhoods. On the boat you will find people from all over the world, making it clear that everybody loves New York!:-)
New York Water Taxi takes you real close to Statue of Liberty and the boat stops here so every body can take a better look and take pictures with Lady Liberty in the background. 

Brooklyn Bridge from the boat.
  As an official transportation partner of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, New York Water Taxi is one of the select partners with access to timed 9/11 Memorial Museum tickets. Now you can make your All-Day Access Pass into a combo with a timed ticket to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Hop off at the Battery Park location, visit the Freedom Tower and 9/11 museum and get back on the next boat to continue your tour.

Mom and Dad enjoying a day on the boat.
Mili mesmerized with the NYC skyline.
The boat tour is great for kids of all ages. The flexibility to hop off at any location and take the next boat makes it easy to travel in case kids get hungry or want a break. 
We are on a boat!
You can see both New York (on left) and New Jersey (on right) from the water. As they jokingly say, the best view of Manhattan is from New Jersey!
If you had only one day to spend in New York, probably the best way to do it would be with New York Water Taxi. I highly recommend it! If you decide to end your tour at Midtown’s Pier 79, you can take advantage of the double-decker bus tour of Midtown included in your Hop On/Hop Off Water Taxi pass. You can buy tickets in advance online or in person from any of the locations. 
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  1. such a fun way to see the city

  2. How much I love and miss New York! And yes the best view is from NJ, for sure :)


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