Style-Delights: Try 'Leave Nothing To Chance App' By Blue Nile and Win $4,500 Diamond Bracelet!! {Really! Hurry Up!)

December 19, 2013

Try 'Leave Nothing To Chance App' By Blue Nile and Win $4,500 Diamond Bracelet!! {Really! Hurry Up!)

OK, I am beyond excited about today's post! The reasons - A three carat diamond bracelet, a fun new app, and validation of my 'understated beauty' ( keep reading, you will know what I mean!)

Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified, fine diamonds and exquisite jewelry have solved your biggest Holiday shopping dilemma -" Will she like it?"! For customers this is the best way to to give their 'gift-giver' a hint about your choice and for the gift buyer it is the error proof method of buying the perfect gift! Blue Nile have developed a fun app that takes the guess work out of gift buying! 
The 'Leave Nothing To Chance' application uses a scientific algorithm to analyze your responses and Facebook data to identify your fashion personality (examples: “Jet Setter”, “Queen Bee” or “Understated Beauty”). It will then issue a personalized infographic about your style along with a few gift recommendations, which you can customize and share on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter (or email to your freinds and family to give them an idea!). There are 30 different personalities and it is surprisingly accurate! The best part? You can make an infographic and receive gift recommendations for yourself, a family member, or a friend. Share the results with that special someone to ensure no guessing on the gift this year!
The winner will be contacted by email on Dec. 30.
As for me, I tried this app and have to say, it got my personality down pat!! 

Any of the above gifts REALLY speak to me!! {I hope my husband is reading this post! *wink*)
Blue Nile have a wide selection of diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands and precious stone jewelry. They also have sterling silver jewelry that is just amazing for every body and have great price point too! For example, all these beautiful pieces below are under $100!!

All pieces above (under $100!)- Blue Nile 
Blue Nile offer 2 day express shipping on most orders, so you are sure to get your gift before Christmas! For limited time, Blue Nile are offering 10% discount with code BNAPP2013 (offer valid till Dec 31)
BTW, I am totally loving the way they give so much personal attention to detail on every order!  I got my necklace like this (unveiling of that in an upcoming post!)
So, are you excited yet? Hurry up, there is still time to try out this amazing 'Leave Nothing To Chance' app and win the $4,500 diamond bracelet! I hope you win:-)
Connect with Blue Nile on Facebook, Twitter (@BlueNileDiamond), Instagram (@BlueNileDiamond) and Pinterest.

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  1. Oh Jyoti, Blue Nile has been on my list for about 10 years. Still don't have the money but if I win I will be in 7th Heaven! Awh! thanks for this giveaway.

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