Style-Delights: Where Does The Time Go?

May 4, 2013

Where Does The Time Go?

Really where does it go? I mean I always find myself looking for the 25th hour to finish up one last chore!  Amid Mili's classes, homework, play dates, household chores, my fitness routine and blog - I usually find myself running (not the good kinda running y'all where you tone the legs - but running where I forgot the library card in my other wallet, or miss the 4:12 subway because the metro card was out of money!) The Monday starts with early morning school bus and Friday ends with the weekend looking expectantly at me for the things we have planned pushed back for Saturday! 
And while I am barely finishing up things-to-do, there are Pinterest boards reminding me how other women have a beautiful clean house, perfect menus for entertaining and amazing craft projects they'd be doing with their kids while I refill my metro card! I guess I need to work on my time management (I see another post coming about that!) Or may be I just need to accept the fact that sometimes we need to just let things go a little. So my mantra for this weekend is - a happy house is a messy house, perfect menu is what is sticking on your refrigerator door and the craft activity this Sunday is just snuggling-with-hubs&kiddo-till-the-sun-comes-up -really-high!! As we prepare of another busy weekend at our home, I made up a resolution of letting some things go and just not worry about achieving  perfection! As they say - keep calm and enjoy the weekend:-)

Shirt - Tilly's
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Target (Spring uniform shoes!)
Hat - Charlotte Russe (Such a steal!)
Glasses - Asos (clear or shaded)
Watch- Fossil via Piperlime

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  1. Omg, I feel the same... I am run down to the max trying to clean up after my 2 year old all week!!! I Love the shorts above! They are so cute! Have a good weekend, Jyoti!!! xx Pip

  2. The shorts and shirt combo is so Audrey Hepburn and I love it. Ah, the busy life of a stylish New Yorker ;) Don't push yourself too hard Jyoti! Rest up during the weekend and stay sane! Don't worry about the imperfections in your life; half the time, it's those small things that makes life so kickass! x

  3. Oh gosh, Jyoti, we must be living in parallel worlds right now! This is exactly how I feel today! I just decided the house can go for the weekend. I'm taking the girls to the library, out to shop for new flowers for the garden and then take the dogs for a walk. No need for chores today! The mess will still be there Monday. :)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  4. Super cute outfit! Love the shoes, can't believe they are Target!

  5. Wow..jyoti..this is really a beautiful post..i can so relate to it. it is so imp to let go n stay calm.

    New Post Up

  6. the shirt with this skirt..

  7. I agree with your mantra Jyoti, will follow you! Just keep everything easy and relax!:) The look is adorable, love the shoes! Hope you are having a restful weekend dear! Kisses!

  8. That's a cute look!

    I'm with you. I'm usually crazy busy. The only thing on my agenda this weekend is to do some schoolwork... I should do it now, but I guess I'll keep putting it off. ;)

  9. love the bag!

  10. I agree... a mum, wife, many roles, i can totally relate to it all!! Lovely set capturing the essence of a beautiful weekend! Happy Sunday :-)

  11. So true! So often it feels like we're running behind on everything - work, household chores, etc, etc. The list runs forever. Your mantra is absolutely right - keep calm and enjoy the weekend. Just let go! :)


  12. i feel the same way...and it's been worse lately!

  13. I love Pinterest but I think all women feel a little less when they see what other wonderful ladies are doing in their free-time. Don't let it get you down, you set an example that many women aspire to. Thanks again for all the great posts.

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

  14. well said - sometimes we just need to let go & enjoy the time we have with friends & family. i hope your weekend was relaxing!

    Kerri @

  15. Adorable hat! I would LOVE to know where it goes. Every weekend seems to just FLY by!

  16. This combo is just FABULOUS! I love everything!

  17. i wish weekends lasted longer! what a cute outfit - love those shoes!

  18. Weekends really need to be longer. That Kate Spade bag is adorable as well as those striped shoes.

  19. sounds like my life!

    cute picks ! Xo Megan,

  20. Yes dear. We all moms have same level of thinking at least in view. Hope u enjoyed every bit of it.

  21. That hat is so cute! I found the same on this site


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