Style-Delights: Spring Color Blocking

May 9, 2013

Spring Color Blocking

 Cobalt, cerulean, indigo or royal blue - whatever you call the sophisticated, saturated, deep shade of blue, it remains the top color for Spring/Summer every year. Reminding us of oceans and skies and pleasant cool breeze, it is the color of peace and tranquility. To play up the moodiness of blue, try color blocking with bright variations of blue - icy mint, sapphire and turquoise, with a playful splash of coral, fuchsia and chartreuse, and you get today's outfit!
    Top - (It was originally as two-piece jacket and top combination, but I decided to just wear the top and leave the jacket for another outfit)
Good option - Mango

 These color block sandals are from Avon - yes, the same company you trust for makeup, hair and skincare products!! They have some great Spring pieces for your wardrobe - go check them out here!
 The bag is from Jessica Simpson via TJMaxx, a great option is this one for just $22!
 Minty Nails (excuse my fugly fingers!)
Chain Link Bracelet - Sway Chic (Options - Splurge/Afford/Steal)
Jade ring - old, a great option HERE
 Necklace - Lorraine Tyne Jewelry, last seen HERE

How are you colorblocking this Spring? 
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  1. I love your shoes with that shirt! Lovely look and I hope you have a good day! xx Pip

  2. Fabulous outfit, the top is really lovely! Great job on the sewing too, looks really good!

  3. Absolutely love it Jyo! Simple yet pretty!

  4. Amazing - lovely punchy colours!


  5. Electric blue is one of my favorite colors right now, as you can see in my blog post: I love the necklace you're wearing, it's stunning! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  6. What? Those shoes are from Avon? No way! They are so awesome, I need to get a pair. Your color combo is gorgeous, you look so pretty. Way to go on making that super cute top too!

  7. Nice look !!! I loved the color combo <3

    xoxo from Japan

  8. You look so beautiful! Gorgeous color on you!

  9. Great , looking beautiful Jyothi...colour suits on you!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing . definitely will try


  10. Those colorblocked heels are gorgeous...can't believe they're from Avon!

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  11. You look beautiful in Royal Blue, I love the it paired with white and yellow!

  12. I love how the entire outfit comes together...all those hues of blue combined with those pretty shoes and that look perfect :)
    And that cute top you sewed for your li'l angel looks amazing :) <3

  13. Hi Jyoti! Love color blocking, wish I was more able to match clothes with this mood:) I really love the colors scheme of your look, the top is so cool and goes perfect with the shoes and bag! Congrats for the top of your sweet pie, is too sweet! Kisses dear! xo

  14. The top is really elegant, and as I said before I love the bag too! And your little angel looks so cute in the top, you have some amazing-ly good talent, looking forward to such more awesome projects from you!!

  15. Those shoes (minus the orange heel) remind me of some current zara heels that are almost $100 - so those are a great alternative. LOVE all these shades of blue. :)

  16. those shoes are o die for! youv'e really styled the look well!!

  17. I am a huge fan of cobalt blue as well. Love this outfit!!! Your daughter is too precious and you've got some mad sewing skills!


  18. That electric blue suits you well :)

  19. I love the necklace and shoes. The top you made for your daughter is so cute.
    ❤ Amena.
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  20. love the look!you look beautiful in blue!

  21. Love this top! And I love the white denim.... I really need a pair of white pants for sprint/summer!

  22. I love colorblocking! And your bag is so pretty! The color just pops! :)

    And the top that you sew is pretty. Adorbs little girl!

  23. You did an awesome job on making the top

  24. Love your blue blouse and these heels! SO gorgeous!

  25. I love the colors in your shoes!

  26. this outfit is awesome! i love how you styled the blue and yellow together! i totally agree with you, super chic!
    and awww you did a great job sewing, so cute!


    ♥ Ellen
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  27. Love your outfit and these colors are so pretty. Your top is gorgeous. Lovely accessories too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. I love the outfit! So beautiful:)

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  29. You look fantastic girl! Love your necklace! ;)

  30. Great shoes, and I love the color of your top!

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