Style-Delights: Top 5 - My Style Peeves

June 6, 2011

Top 5 - My Style Peeves

I admire people expressing their own style and individual preference while dressing up. I also don't care about if you defy current trends, wear white after labor day or mix print and stripes! But I have my style peeves. I think sometimes we follow 'fashion' so blindly that we forget the basics of 'style'. Here are my top 5 style peeves.

1. Bra Peek
Little cute/sexy strap showing is still OK (although I would advice against that, they invented strapless bras for a reason!), but I really cringe when I see the back strap (hooks and all) showing in the back in a halter/backless/strapless dress or a blouse.
2. Sweaty Armpits
I know this is more of a biological thing, but they do have deo sticks in industrial strength these days - use 'em! Noting ruins the effect of a gorgeous outfit  like two blotchy sweaty spots under your arms! If you are not in the gym, sweat spots under the arms are not sexy!   If the outfit is sleeveless than BO alone will kill it!
3. Dress a size too big or too small
This is the most common mistake I have seen people make. Either trying to fit in a smaller size (we all know the black forces of fashion magazines and TV/Movies encourage the the size insecurities specially among young girls) or wearing a size too big because it fits at one place and you think you have to live with the extra fabric at another! Alteration services at the dry cleaners are relatively cheaper if you want someting taken in or out!
4. Over Accessorization
I am a big fan of accessorizing the outfits - Belts, bags, bangles, brooches - you name it! But a big flower in hair and a Carrie Bradshaw like layering necklace and a big brooch on the jacket with a beach-bag size purse AT THE SAME TIME..did you get the picture yet?? A big NO in my style book.
5. Chipped Nail Polish
I have been guilty of this! And lack of time or forgetful memory don't make an excuse when you are in a situation where your hands are the center of attention! Believe me there are situations:-) (Handshake/ asking menu details from the waitress, trying on a ring and so many more!)

Let me hear what your style peeves are!


  1. I am so with you on all of these! I love weary lacey bras because they are beautiful and sexy but when I wear a fitted top over it and all I see are lumps...not cool. And I think inaccurate dress sizes should be a crime!

  2. My polish is totally chipped as I read this post..BUT I'm chipping it off on purpose to get my nails done later this afternoon :)
    As far as the sweaty pits, you can try underarm shields, they're awesome! I call them a summer lifesaver:

  3. I'm constantly guilty of chipped nails hahaha. I'm so with you though! my sister always has her bra straps all over the place and i'm always fixing them when she's not looking. :)

  4. ...mine would be dried out, messy hair and inappropriate excess make-up!!!

    Thanks for sharing on ifb!!!!!!!:*

  5. Agree!!

    My pet peeves include wearing leggings with a short top. TMI!

  6. I think you and I have EXACTLY the same pet peeves. Great list!

  7. GREAT post and you are so right. I have one more...wearing something inappropriate for your body type (usually just cuz it's in style!). I go nuts when i see this!!! it's part the reason I started blogging! LOVE this post (and of course, your blog!)

  8. Ohhhh...I cringe when I see chipped nail polish. Especially when the outfit looks great...then, you get to the nails and fail!!!


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