Style-Delights: Fashion Magazines And You

June 11, 2011

Fashion Magazines And You

I love reading. I love to read biographies, history, spy novels, romance and parenting magazines. Love to read about humor and satire. And I love to read FASHION MAGAZINES!
As a fashion blogger they are my "course material'!  The shiny, glossy, beautiful pages of fashion magazines inspire, make us feel good, overwhelm and sometimes even depress us. They influence our shopping decisions, beauty regimens and in some way build or break our self esteem! Its up to the reader what she/he takes away from it.
Here is my take on the Vogues and Glamours of the world!  (from my own fashion magazine reading experience)

Get the ideas about putting together an outfit - 
I love to look at the pictures both in the articles and advertisements to get ideas for the "looks'! The magazine pages are styled by talented professionals, and you will not go wrong if you take inspiration from their talent!

Remain updated about latest trends and styles - 
For me, this is the biggest take away from fashion magazines! You can not only stay on trend for the season but plan your wardrobe for next season by interpreting the trend forecasts.

Read about how fashion can be meaningful-
Most big name fashion magazines usually feature and interview people from fashion and glamour world who are using their art to do good. I got to know about many charities and the the philanthropic ventures from fashion magazines, that usually goes unreported in news and mainstream media. 
Don't get suck into the advertorials -
Usually headlined as "best new products this summer" or something similar, the advertorials are often times paid (sometimes unpaid) PR materials. Designed to coax you into buying more, its a good source of information about the products but no way a review based recommendation. The user reviews led websites are much more genuine source to know if the product works.

Don't feel bad because of what you see-
Because your sheath dress doesn't fit like the girl in the magazine, or your hair doesn't shine like a mirror or your skin is not as perfect as a dewy rose!
 Cindy Crawford once famously said "Even I don't look good as Cindy Crawford!" Magazines use Photoshop and airbrushing to make the pages look glossy and perfect. Here is an example of magazine-perfect picture! No point feeling insecure and wishing for illusive "perfect" anything!

Don't believe everything what celebrities and stars say in the interviews!
I have read numerous interviews of cover page celebs in all kind of magazines that they were "lucky to have good genes and they really don't exercise that much and love to eat burgers!" This seems so endearing oh so real, but it is not true! The fitness experts and trainers have mentioned it again and again that to achieve flat abs and super toned bodies (if that is your thing!) one needs to exercise regularly and eat really really healthy food! I am all for eating for pleasure, but come on! - Nobody got Gwen Stefani abs on a cheeseburger diet! EVER!

That said, I read the fashion magazine for the sheer beauty of it! I think a girl is entitled to the frivolous pleasure of looking and oohing and aahing over a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes she can not afford!!:-)


  1. I absolutely agree with you, especially on the part about celebrities! I feel like they all have the same publicist who drilled them to say the exact same things...

  2. Great post! And so right about not comparing to how they look. I worked at a magazine and was responsible for hiring the TEAM of stylists, makeup artists, hair people etc....and then oversaw as the art department retouched the photos so not a flaw was visible. Totally unrealistic...but SO beautiful to look at!!

  3. Cool post! Your post is very interesting. Wonder why is it not popular. Glad i found these blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am addicted to fashion magazines. I have them in my iPhone, my iPad and in my closet as well.

  5. Love your blog! Amazing with lots of variety! Thank you!

  6. very true. Your efforts should be heard. have recommended your blog to my frens.

  7. I would love to sit and read your fashion glossies with you.


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