Style-Delights: How To Find Swimsuits For Every Body Type!

May 24, 2011

How To Find Swimsuits For Every Body Type!

All through winter we looked wistfully at the beach, at the open pool, at the frozen lakes! Now that we can smell the summer, the wistfulness has turned into anticipation! And to make a splash in style, here are 5 kinds of swimsuit that most body types can use!

1. For Flattening The Tummy
Aren't we all looking for a flat tummy! Look at these swimsuits - Tummy control panels at the front instantly flattens and smooths out the belly area for a falttering shape.

Get The Tummy Shaping Swimwear Here -

2. For Chest Support 
Full-figured women should look for the underwire suooprt in a bikini top. Make sure that the swimsuit fits properly at the sides lest your cup runneth over!

Get The Chest Support Swimwear Here -

3. For Full Coverage - 
If you want to lounge by the pool in modesty, check these swimsuits out with inbuilt cover-up skirts and full coverage seats. Two piece swimsuits with tankini top and boy shorts also work great if you want more coverage.

Get The Full Coverage Swimwear Here-

4. For Gaining A Fuller Chest -
A bandeau bikini top gives the illusin of a bustier chest. Push up bikini tops are also great to gain cleavage. Bikini tops with frills or fringes or metallic embellishment also give the illusion of a fuller chest.

Get The Fuller - Chest Appearance Swimwear Here - 

5. For Hour Glass Figure -
For women blessed with (or who work really hard for) an hour glass figure (jealous sigh!), you can rock these string bikinis!
Get The String Bikinis Here -

So flaunt what you've got, with these swimsuits and don't forget the sunscreen! Happy summer!

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  2. Great list!! I have a similar Kenneth Cole halter - love it! Hope you're having a great day!

  3. Thanks Mywildmess and fashionblogger! I am looking forward to summer, although its raining in Chicago today!

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