Style-Delights: An Ode To Beauty - Remembering The Styles Of Audrey, Joan, Grace and Doris

May 28, 2011

An Ode To Beauty - Remembering The Styles Of Audrey, Joan, Grace and Doris

I love movies!  In theaters, on TV, renting DVDs. But for me nothing comes close to watching an black and white movie on Turner Classic Movies channel! I am in love with the old Hollywood grandeur, the grace and femininity of the ladies and their clothes! There is that undeniable beauty in old movies which inspires you to be glamorous, to sweep the lipgloss before going to grocery store, to look at your closet from a different angle, makes the gloves and hats look "essential' again! Today I am paying tribute to the styles of four of my favorite leading ladies from an era gone by. They are breathtakingly beautiful, have an extraordinary style and  they are timelessly chic!

Joan Fontaine, Grace Kelly , Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day - Thank you for lighting up the marquee! You are a stylist's dream! Here is how I would copy your style!


  1. Cool post! I can see each of them wearing the outfits you put together.


  2. i really dig audrey hepburn's style, but i don't necessarily pull it off!

  3. Thanks Cortnie and MF!
    And MF - you can totally pull this look off! With your awesome personality, you can pull any look off!

  4. You didn't include Katherine Hepburn :( she's my style icon for sure!

  5. Yes Anagha..I love her too..The way she rocked those wide leg pants is legendary! Will write about her sometimes..

  6. Does anyone know in what movie was that yellow dress that
    Grace Kelly wore featured in?


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