Style-Delights: Nine Rules of Style!

March 17, 2011

Nine Rules of Style!

1. Love thyself - You will look good if you feel good.
2. Respect your body - Make the dress fit your body not the vice-versa. Remember every size is beautiful!
3.Work with what you got - The physical attributes - Trust me on this. I grew up feeling not-so-sure about myself and gradually discovered that its not fun to wish to be somebody else. When I started loving my face and my body for what it is, I realized people really think of me as STYLISH!
4. Work with what you got - In your wardrobe Fashion industry is here to make money. So every season "they" will tell you whats in and whats out. The purpose is - you guessed it - to make you buy more. Even though I am all for enjoying shopping, I will not suggest anybody to go out and shop just because a magazine says you can't live without it. Try to add into your wardrobe and create new outfits from your existing pieces.
5. Accessorize - I am a big fan of accessories. Shoes, earrings, bracelets, and scarves can change your look without changing much in the outfit.
6. Invest and bargain There are certain items you could and should invest in - A Louis Vuitton bag is forever and  Burberry trench will never go out of style, but we all do not have Paris Hilton shopping budget! The trick is to mix and match the splurge and bargain!  Target, Forever 21, Ann Taylor and even flea market can go hand in hand with your designer pieces to make you look like a star! By investing wisely and bargaining stylishly, you can always look the million bucks even without the million bucks!
7. Exercise and eat healthy - Whatever your schedule is, you can always take time out for exercise. No gym, no problem - take the stairs, walk, jog, run outside, play with our kids outdoors, walk the dog..Just MOVE. No matter what weight/size/height, a FIT body makes clothes look great!
8.Groom! - Pluck the brow, remove the chipped nailpaint, loose that scrunchy!
9. Don't whine and please be humble - It REALLY makes you look oh-so-pretty!


  1. This has got to be my favorite post so far :) Especially the part about dressing to fit your body!!

  2. Great post! So inspiring!!! Thank you!


  3. Inspiring and doable! I especially liked the idea of making new outfits from your own closet. I did my first 30 for 30 remix for Winter 2011 and I learned first hand how few clothes you really need.

  4. i love those kind of posts, i am always happy while reading style advices that show us to work with what we got.
    keep posting things like this.
    we like it.

  5. Love the post!! So truthful and honest ..Your blog truly is gloss with substance!! Love reading it :)

  6. fabulous!!!i m falling for ur style n humble character...

  7. absolutely true. thnkx for getting us out of our comfort zone.


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