Style-Delights: Essential Pieces for a Timeless Wardrobe

March 16, 2011

Essential Pieces for a Timeless Wardrobe

Anytime Handbag - Every woman needs a no-brainer carry it all bag! Chanel has it all figured out. You can get the similar quilted design for less at many retailers from Ann Taylor to Forever 21

Black Pumps - Works for most dresses, jeans, pants, can do double duty from workplace to the club!

Strands of Pearls - What can I say, its the classic! Add the  instant sophistication to any outfit.

Red Lipstick - Pastels come and go, Corals and Pinks are tricky, but Red is always in vogue! Make sure to keep the face and eyes neutral and work the red lips!
BTW - Dior Rogue Lipcolor sells for $30, while Wet&wild has a tempting red for 99 cents!!!!! You are covered on any budget! 

Little Black Dress - From dinner out to a wedding to corporate luncheon, we will always NEED a LBD!

Trench Coat - Polish your look with a Khaki trench coat. London Fog trenches are very stylish. If you can afford to splurge go Burberry!

Blue Jeans - Come on, need I say more?

White Shirt - Truly timeless with the blue jeans! Wear it under a blazer or over nothing (gasp!) for a surprisingly sexy sleepwear! Wink Wink!!!

Riding Boots - Every year we hear about new trends, over-the-knee, calf-length, pointy toe, almond toe..But classic riding boots never go out of style. Gives an earthy beauty to any fall outfit! Invest in good leather brown ones!
Running shoes - This should be THE essential item in any wardrobe. Bring on those happy hormones after the workout! Afterall we gotta rock that LBD! - 

Image Courtsey - J Crew, Dior, Cathay Gems, Levi's, Frye, London Fog


  1. Girl! you are so going to be personal shopper/stylist.I really need wardrobe intervention!!;)

  2. great post! I agree! Completely!


  3. Very classic and timeless pieces indeed. Congratulations to making it to top 20 on IFB. :)

    Also I think if you are into classic style you may like the giveaway I am running on my blog. Have a look and take part if you like the prize.


  4. I am pleased to say that I own a version of every single item you have listed.

    I completely agree they are absolute essentials!


  5. I agree with every item you named. Sometimes I feel 'boring' because when I doubt about what to wear I always run to my classic essential pieces. But then I realize it is not boring, it is actually beautiful, timeles and practical.

    I found your blog via IFB weekly roundup, in case you wanted to know :)
    I already started following you and I'm looking forward to your new clever posts. Let me know if we are following each other, it would mean a lot! ♥


  6. I'm a big fan of basic classics so I loved this post! You can't beat white shirts, jeans and a classic trench. I DO have a favorite 99 cent lipstick called Retro Red. Great post. Found you on ifb.

  7. I own a few of those things, but you know what really make me happy? My red dresses and mustard yellow skirts and novelty prints and brown oxford shoes. To each their own I guess!

  8. Couldn't agree more. I definitely need a Chanel in my life! :P

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