Style-Delights: #BLISSandTell: My Moments Of Bliss

August 9, 2013

#BLISSandTell: My Moments Of Bliss

With the fast paced life full of deadlines and to-do  lists, and multitasking schedules, we all experience the moments when the walls around us seem to close on us! The stress of doing-it-all and trying to have-it-all catches up with the best of us! A recent study* that surveyed more than 1,200 consumers revealed that nearly 50 percent of Americans spend at least half their daily lives stressed out. The cure for stress varies, with 89 percent agreeing that a night out on the town does little for stress relief. More than half admit a vacation is what they need the most, while a quarter of the respondents say personal time would help treat the stress. We all deal with stress in our own ways.  My mantra for stress-busting -

1- Focus on the positive - We are humans. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. So when things seem to go awry even with your best efforts, cut yourself some slack and focus on what you have done right, and what you are capable of. As they say- count your blessings!

2- Remember what's important - We all have days when nothing seems to go right. When we have many projects going, many things to finish, we forget whats important and whats not! To prioritize the to-do list helps me bring down the stress level. For example, during summertime when my daughter and I spend more time in the park or exploring library or just doing any other fun activity in the City, I realize my house is a mess, dinner is late, laundry is not folded, and I start to have the feeling of  'oh-it-is all-so-chaotic!', I make myself see that food can be ordered out and I can always bring out the vacuum late in the night, but the time I am spending with my kid and memories we are making as a family can not be substituted with an immaculate house and lavish dinner spread!

3. Let it go -  I believe strongly in fate, karma and the feeling that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYONE. When things don't go the way we planned, the only course of action is breathe and let it go. Give your best shot, if it's meant to happen, it WILL!

And last but not least, take advantage of nature and science for aiding in stress relieving. Foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins help lead you a healthy, happy life. I am trying this new beverage neuroBLISS , a delicious tropical citrus lychee flavored drink designed to reduce stress and relax the mind. It contains chamomile and a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea which has been found to reduce stress, produce relaxation and enhance focus. Although I have only recently strated drinking this, I can confidently say that it has the soothing, calming effect I usually get from my afternoon tea! It is lightly carbonated and tastes amazing! It has the taste of superfruit lychee (If you are unaware of this, look it up!. Growing up in India, this was my FAVORITE fruit. Luscious, juicy and so very refreshing!)
 All varieties of neuro drinks have only 35 calories per bottle and contain no artificial colors or flavors!
Experience the taste and soothing effect of neuroBLISS by getting your own bottle of BLISS and save $1 with this coupon!

 neuro is urging Americans to join a stress reduction movement with the launch of its BLISS and Tell campaign, which encourages consumers to take time to relax and share their blissful moments. What's your Bliss moment? Tell it on twitter/instagram with hashtag #BLISSandTell and you could win $10K dream vacation!! Now that's what I call a truly blissful moment!!:-)
I would love to hear your thoughts on your strategy for dealing with stress!
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* conducted by neuro brand
**Disclousre: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Hi Jyoti! I agree with your words and share your mantra as well:) Btw, I havent heard about this drink, first time I see it and you know, I would need one cause I am little stressed!:) Seems it works and is good for the health. Kisses dear, happy weekend!

  2. Those words describing precious moments in life !!! Touchwood.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jyoti..ur daughter is adorable.

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