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Who writes this blog?
That would be me - Jyoti! (See my smiling face? That's not just for the picture - I am actually
a happy gal!).I am a girl next door (only more stylish!) who loves writing, fashion and shopping! I grew up in the colorful and often chaotic world of India and worked as a news reporter for the national TV network (that helps me maintain a sense of calm even in the messiest of situations!) As it happens, I fell in love, moved to USA, had a baby - and through it all shopped sensibly and stayed stylish! Coming from India, where ethnic fashion of our culture is deeply popular and highly evolved, it was a conscious effort to learn to "dress like American women". Dressing up in USA was totally different than dressing up in India. I didn't grow up in a household (like most of Indian immigrant women) with moms and grandmoms wearing western clothing. So there was no framework for me as to what an 'evening wear' or 'party attire' or 'casual dress' in the West would be.  Simple things like 'dressy shoes" are different styles in India and USA. So, I had to 'learn and unlearn' few things when it comes to dressing in a new culture. One fine day (that would be March 13, 2011) I decided to document my style, fashion and shopping sense and love for everything stylish.Thus started Style-Delights - my fashion blog!

What is it about?- Here at Style-Delights, I strive to create digital space for modern Indian American women looking for style inspiration, outfit ideas and shopping tips to achieve a polished all American style! I write about the practical aspect of style and fashion, and how everyday women (like me) can realistically translate glossy fashion and latest trends in their wardrobes. I mix high end and low end finds to create polished and feminine looks.  For outfit ideas, please check out the  'How To' posts and shopping tips on getting the expensive celebrity look for less in 'Style For Less' feature.

Who/What is your style inspiration? My style is influenced by the timeless chic elements of fashion. I adore the grace and sophistication of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, the playfulness of Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston, and the gorgeous simplicity of Angelina Jolie. But most importantly I love the style that works with my body and personality. If I have to describe my style in a few words, it would be ladylike, feminine and fun.

Who takes your pictures? - In the beginning, I used to take my outfit pictures with the help of a tripod and a remote. But now my husband, my dad and a very good friend take them as and when they have time.

Your favorite stores?- Nordstrom, SakseShakti, Ann Taylor, H&MLOFT, J Crew, Zara, Forever 21, TJMaxx, Topshop, ZapposAnthropologie, BodenASOS. These days, I love getting great deals at Amazon Fashion as well.

Is there an outfit you can never get tired of? - A pretty dress in Spring/Summer. Skinny jeans, a crisp button front shirt or tee and flats is usually my running errands uniform! I also love a pencil skirt, boots and sweater in fall/winter.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?- That would be Sequim - a small town in Washington State, where they grow lavender, breathe mountain fresh air and smile at strangers! 

How can someone get in touch with you? - Through my Facebook Page, On Twitter, on Instagram or email me @ I live in New York area, so if you are in The Big Apple and want to meet/connect/network or want me to attend a fashion and style event, tweet or email me.

For a daily dose of style delights, connect with me on
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    Take care! Xoxo.

  2. I wish you all the very best for your journey and surely great to find friends like you here :)

  3. u have a great blog..its versatile like u n ur style...glad that i stumbled upon it...ty for such lovely blog dear!!!

  4. You're are so sweet and funny and your blog is so interesting to read. Keep it up, Jyoti :)

  5. Hi Jyoti!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Amy xo :)

  6. such a cute about me page!
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  9. I like your style, so classy.

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  11. Hi there! you are such an inspiring blogger - very much stylish too. Keep blogging cause I honestly believe you arer quiet good at it.

    Sandy Nene.

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  13. Jyoti, I love your blog and your effortlessly chic style! Outfits that you put together can be worn by anyone easily and I am an example. Have not been getting any new post update from your blog from a long time and was searching frantically as I had not bookmarked the url. Rectified the mistake now and looking forward to get many more inspirations from you :-)

    Live and Love Yourself

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