Style-Delights: #BackToBalance : My 5-Step Plan For A Happier 2015!

January 29, 2015

#BackToBalance : My 5-Step Plan For A Happier 2015!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
I have to admit, I am not the one to go big with New Year's resolutions. I mean, I have some things I want to accomplish every year and there are certain routines I would love to stick to, but when it comes to rigorous, written-in-stone resolutions, I can see myself failing in fulfilling those. So, this year, instead of resolutions, I am making basic guidelines to get the best of life. Steps for a happier, calmer, more balanced life. We all know that balance in life is the key to happiness. We usually hear a lot about work-life balance, and assume that working-from-outside-the-home people need work-life balance. But as a stay-at-home mom with work-from-home projects, I can certainly say that everybody needs to find a balance in life- working moms, working dads or stay at home parents!  For me, the balance between my devotion to my family and my devotion to 'myself' and for my personal growth is key. To get there, I have a simple 5 step plan that I hope to stick to in 2015!

1. Enjoy The Little Moments
We all have heard that it is not the big events, but the small moments that define our lives and make it richer. But still there are times when we forget to enjoy the little moments and just wait for some big event to occur so we can celebrate. We forget that the real joy is in simple, small gestures and in little things.  Sometimes it is seemingly mundane day that brings the unexpected pleasures. My goal is to enjoy every little moment, whether an impromptu picnic in the terrace or having a snow ball fight and making a Hawaii-bound snowgirl with my daughter Mili!

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias

2. Plan & Prioritize
One thing I have always struggled with it making lists and plan things. Don't get me wrong, I still finish my tasks and fulfill the deadlines, but usually it is more of a sprint to finish than a steady race for me. This year, I plan to devote some time every morning, every week to prioritize the to-do list and make a game plan to check them off one by one so I have more time and energy to enjoy the aforementioned small moments!
#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
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3. Take Time For Yourself
I have seen this many times (both in my life as well as with my other mom-friends) women put so much time in their work. family or other obligations that we put ourselves on neglect-shelf! Overtime, this practice creates boredom and in some cases, loss of self. We forget that before we are a mom, wife, employee, business-owner etc, we are individuals and we need time for ourselves too. For me, taking time for myself doesn't necessarily mean a trip to the spa! It could be a a simple hobby that gives me a sense of pleasure, a quick DIY that I can cherish, reading, catching up on my favorite show or simply enjoying a sweet treat without feeling guilty! Luckily, SKINNY COW® Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy and SKINNY COW® Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolatey Candy allow me to satisfy my sweet tooth without the big calorie intake. The luscious, yummy chocolaty candy just melts in my mouth. Just 120 calories per 5 piece, this is a sweet treat I can indulge in anytime without guilt! 

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
The crochet Hat DIY that makes me so happy!

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
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4. Love & Respect Your Body
These days we are surrounded by messages that force us to look critically at our bodies. The media and social networks are full of ideas and images that put self-doubts in women. From Fat-shaming,  to skinny shaming,  from the dubious real-women-should-have-curves message to skinny-is-beautiful message, there is no way we can find an 'ideal' shape or size for every woman. My mantra is to take care of my body as best as I can, not to fit into any specific mold, but to be healthy and happy. I consider my body as my 'retirement fund' for old age! If I take care of it now, it will take care of me when I need it the most! So, my most important message to anybody reading this is , just love your body as it is and respect your body enough to take care of it in the healthiest way possible! I don't believe in compromising taste for healthy treats and don't believe in and starving myself! That' s why I really love SKINNY COW® products! They have the perfect balance - healthier options for desserts & snack treats while satisfying my cravings without compromising the taste!
#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
 Exercise and eating right! With just 110 calories and 1 gram of fat, the SKINNY COW® fudge bar is a great choice for dessert. Finally, I can have my cake ice cream treat and eat it too! BTW, the SKINNY COW® ice cream bars frozen treats are available at the ice cream/novelty dessert section at Walmart. The iced coffee drinks are available at the dairy section.

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias

5. Let It Go
Like Elsa from 'Frozen', my guiding principle for 2015 is to let it go. I will count my blessings and focus on the positives in life. In my case, I have accepted the fact that I may not have a perfectly organized home, or that I may not be able to cook instagram-worthy meals  on a weeknight, but I will remember the times I laughed hard with my friends, or cuddled with a book with Mili or stayed up late with my husband watching our favorite movies! By letting go of Pinterest-induced 'why can't I bake the perfect cake-in-a-jar' anxiety, we all can live happily ever after!

#BackToBalance #CollectiveBias
How are you all getting on with your New Year's resolutions/goals? How do you find balance in life?

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  1. This is such a great list - can I also say I love your adorable pictures!

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