Style-Delights: Allergy Relief with Duane Reade & Poncho Weather App #DRAllergy #CollectiveBias

May 10, 2014

Allergy Relief with Duane Reade & Poncho Weather App #DRAllergy #CollectiveBias

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Allergy Relief, Duane Reade, Poncho App #shop #Collectivebias #DRAllergy
 April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers usually bring pollen and spring allergies with them. Speaking of allergies, I have them and in my experience, the best way to get allergy relief is to take the medicine or nasal spray before going out in the pollen laden environment. But how do you know which days are high-pollen days? Enter Poncho - the weather alert service by Duane Reade. By registering at Poncho, you can get text alerts or emails detailing the weather conditions (often in a funny, pithy way, sometimes with GIFs too!) along with pollen alerts in New York area. You can customize your alerts based on your preference, i.e. if you want the weather alerts before leaving for work, coming back home etc etc.
The Poncho service allow for a proactive plan to manage my allergies so I can be ready to embrace Spring season fully!
Allergy Relief, Duane Reade, Poncho App #shop #Collectivebias #DRAllergy
 Poncho also sends digital coupons for Duane Reade directly in your email for over the counter allergy medicines and nasal sprays.
Allergy Relief, Duane Reade, Poncho App #shop #Collectivebias #DRAllergy

Allergy Relief, Duane Reade, Poncho App #shop #Collectivebias #DRAllergy
With Poncho and Duane Reade I am ready to fully enjoy Spring season by managing my allergies. Duane Reade is also my go-to store for my allergy-fighting essentials. Now no more getting stuck indoors!
Allergy Relief, Duane Reade, Poncho App #shop #Collectivebias #DRAllergy

For your own weather and pollen alerts, register at Poncho.
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  1. Going to have to check this site out.

  2. I'm going to try that peppermint tea! Sounds great, plus I love this app. Thanks for sharing! #client

  3. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant! Allergy Relief


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