Style-Delights: DIY Tutorial: How To Make Necklace Organizer With Picture Frames

January 15, 2014

DIY Tutorial: How To Make Necklace Organizer With Picture Frames

Tired of tangled necklaces in your jewelry box? Want the easy access to your beautiful jewelry without taking a lot of space? I have got an esy DIY to create a beautiful hanging organizer that looks like an art work. All you need is an old picture frame (or get a new one if you like!) and some felt and cotton fabric.
Let's start! 

 Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Take the picture out of the frame. Usually there is a cardboard back of the frame, but my frame had a thick plywood kind of back that wouldn't allow me put fabric and felt in the frame. If you have a cardboard frame, you might not need to buy cardboard.
 Step 2: Trace the cardboard with the picture/frame backing and cut it to fit the frame.

Step 3: Cut the felt and the cotton fabric little big bigger than the cardboard so it can wrap all around the cardboard when you fit it in the frame.

Step 4: Put the fabric, felt and cardboard in that order to fit into the frame. The fabric shows at the front and felt makes it easier to put pin tacks for hanging necklaces.

Step 1: Pull everything tightly in the bacl of the frame before securing it. I used packing tape to secure the back, but you can use hot glue too if you want.

That's how it looks when it is ready. Now stick the pin tacks/push pins as you like to store and showcase your beautiful necklaces! 
 Stare lovingly at your DIY creation:-) You did it!

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  1. Hi Jyoti,
    Hope all is well with you dear. I love these so much and kind of want to add one or two to my closet this year! Thanks for the post so I can really try now!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. This idea is genial, thanks a lot!
    My latest post--> Tartan Nails

  3. I like this, so cool. I hope you have a great weekend xx


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