Style-Delights: Give & Get The Perfect Gift (Every Time, Every Occasion) With Ziftit

June 19, 2013

Give & Get The Perfect Gift (Every Time, Every Occasion) With Ziftit

Have you ever received a gift that you opened with gracious smile (lest you offend the giver), only to put it away in 're-gift' or 'get-the-store-credit' pile? Or found yourself wondering what to give a certain someone who seems to have it all? Only if you knew what they really want!! Trust me, we all have been there! Here is a little information for you to ponder over my dears - according to customer-service company StellaService, last Holiday season, 36% of all gifts given were returned! And those people who returned online had to wait for a long time to get refund as the retailers were busy processing the data. Not to mention what happens if you lose the gift -receipt!
Fortunately there is a now a solution for all this! Ziftit is a game-changing concept for making gift-giving and gift-receiving easy and efficient. Their Mission is simply to satisfy gift givers and gift recipients by allowing both sides of the gifting process to Get The Right Gift, Every Time - in a personal, efficient and 100% on target manner! 
How does Ziftit work? 
First of all, it is FREE service. You just sign up and make an account. If you want to receive the gifts you want, just create a ZiftList- it is like a wishlist, but unlike a 'registry' you are free to pick up items from ANY store and add to your list! (Yay for FREEDOM!) You can share this Ziftlist with your friends and family Facebook, Twitter, and email or keep the list open for everyone to see! (There are options for public/private setting) And yes, they have an app for all you on-the-go users!

Now the gift givers can either buy the gift outright or 'pitch in' to give it collectively. They can use their credit card of transfer money directly to generate the VISA card for the gift! It all happens so seamlessly (I tried it myself, and have to say I was beyond impressed with the efficiency!) 

It works so well for family/friends scattered around the country who want to pitch in for a gift without the hassle of sending money to one person to buy or writing checks to pool in! Works in scenarios where on person wants to chip in more that the other!
If you want to give the gift, it works the same way, just go to the Ziftlist of the recipient and either buy their gift or pitch in! 
Here is a little video to explain how simple the process is and how you can take advantage of Ziftit to be that 'special, talented one; who always gets the right gift (and gets the right gift as well!)
You can even create events (Mom Dad's anniversary - how about all of you siblings 'pitch in' to buy what mom really wants and not the relaxing bath salts she really doesn't ever use!!) 
On the homepage of Ziftit, you can see the top trending gifts to give you more ideas about adding it to your Ziftlist or suggesting them for an event! 
I leave you with a little video to explain how you can use Ziftit to ALWAYS get and give the perfect gift!

I can't wait to receive the gifts from my Ziftlist for 'Just Because' occasion! After all, who needs to wait till Christmas?:-) And no need to send the cryptic messages for my husband either!! Now I know I am getting what I really want!
Other than being awesome as a great concept, Ziftit is a wonderful company with a good heart. This past Christmas, Ziftit provided 1,000 gifts to children and families displaced by Hurricane Sandy Ziftit is now reaching out to residence of Moore, OK - anyone (members and non-members) can visit Ziftit and purchase gifts for families affected by the tornado.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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  4. I hadn't heard about this service before, thanks for the information hun!

  5. Sounds like a really cool website, I will have to check it out!

  6. That "pitch in" concept is really brilliant coz that way, a few can share in giving a more expensive gift:) Love the charity aspect too.
    TY for sharing, and for the lovely comment you left on my post, Jyoti:D Happy Wednesday!

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  8. Love the idea of this site! im showing this to my husband! he doesnt get it right sometimes with the gifts hehehe. thanks for sharing
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  12. Hi Jyoti! I know those moments too lol! The site sounds very cool and useful, never heard about it!:) Thanks for sharing! Have a good day, kisses! xo

  13. Now that's a really cool idea! I always struggle with wanting to buy something really personal and meaningful but this takes the guesswork out of everything.

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