Style-Delights: Coachella Fashion - What To Wear For The Festival

April 13, 2012

Coachella Fashion - What To Wear For The Festival

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Every year Coachella brings big artists, indie bands and music lovers together in beautiful  free-spirited festival settings! The fashion is as much a part of this artistic gathering as the music itself. Celebrities, aspiring musicians, bloggers, and die hard Coachella enthusiasts show their bohemian style during the festival. If you (like me) are not camping in Coachella Valley this weekend or the weekend of April 20-22, you can still tune from home for the music and celebration on the Coachella Youtube channel or at
As for the fashion, create the coachella style by using these  signature festival trends/pieces -

Maxi dresses and skirts
Flowy, sheer, printed, painted - maxi skirts and dresses are Coachella wardrobe essentials. Pair it with a tank top and layer with a denim jacket when the temperature drops in the evening.

Nothing says bohemian better than the fringes! Crochet tops with fringes,long strap purses and cross body fringed bags are commonly seen on the shoulders of Coachella goers!

Tie dye and abstract painted blouses and tees
Bring out the 70s vibe with the tie-dyed blouses or cotton tees paired with shorts and skirts. Pick from the plethora of color choices and patterns.
During the day the temperature usually reaches late 90s, even 100 degrees, so shorts are kinda uniform for the hot day. Paired with crochet top, chunky heal and a hat - it will make you instant Cochella-nista!

For the practical purpose (heat and sun protection) and for the fashion quotient, a cool hat is Coachella must! Fedora with a dress or a floppy hat with shorts, combinations are endless!

Bohemian jewelry
Deck up the outfit with one of a kind pieces or mass produced metal stuff, but make sure to use bangles, long necklaces, dangling earrings, beads and artisan rings!

Are you going to Coachella? Will you be tuning in online or do not care?
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  1. I so wish I was going to this. But these are great suggestions, maybe I"ll just dress like this anyway so I can pretend :)

  2. I wish I were going too! I love so many of the bands playing! OH well... I really love your fringe selections!! xx


  3. i love all of them <33

  4. I wish I could go to see Radiohead. I love all the style updates but I would prefer to hear the bands.

  5. I never been to this festival but every year I get excited because I love reading about it and of course admire the fashion. So many unique styles it is insane but in a very fashionable/friendly way ;). Love all of your selections. I can see myself wearing a lot of them. Great post and thank you for sharing.

  6. great post!!

  7. Coachella seems like a fun festival! I would love to go someday! :)

  8. wow
    all are amazing

    do check my recent post n comment

  9. wish i was going!:( but great outfit advice xx

  10. I really like your suggestions dear! have a great weekend! Kisses!

  11. Awesome post my dear,I wish I could be there!I really need a maxi dress but I find it so hard to find one..hmm!

  12. i wish i could be there! <3 nice ideas!


  13. I would love to attend this festival. I think I woud defintely wear some fringe to go with the bohemian style. I know whatever you choose to wear will be great.
    Tarah and the City

  14. Really want to go at some point in my life :)

  15. It's my favorite season too! Everyone looks so great in their casual style every Coachella season. It's a good source of inspiration for dressing this summer too :)

  16. woww..such pretty stuff!!!! I didn't know there are fringes on clothes too :D now i knw :)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my Blog :)

    New Post is up: DIY: Rose from a Ribbon


  17. ohhh I love these fringes tops so much!! thank you so much for visit me:)

  18. Wonderful selection ! I love all these hippy stuffs, and above all the tie and dye !!!

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  20. Wish I was going :) Your picks are awesome ! Great selection of prints and textures !!
    Coeur Decors

  21. I WanT to have these maxi dresses, they are absolutly amazing!
    Glad u are going to Coachella, I will take my passport and fly over there ;)

    Julie -

  22. A friend of mine won tickets to Cochella (it's a big deal because we're in NZ) she's so excitied!
    I helped her pack, she's taking maxi dresses, feather earrings & a fab straw hat.

  23. nice guide darl, i have one coming up can't wait =D thanks for sharing!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  24. oh, i love everything here, hope all of these are mine!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  25. I love bohemian jewellery ! I really appreciate your efforts of selecting the most beautiful piece of outfit, dress, shorts, hats etc. and giving us an idea about which goes with what. The vibrant and colorful collection reminded me of the hippie style of the 70s and, yes, this festival has a similar spirit it seems .
    Have a nice day !

  26. I've heard about the festival - it sounds like such fun and i wish i could go :(
    Those are great outfit ideas! I love seeing how people dress at music festivals - it's always a unique sense of style

  27. I love all the great ideas you posted! I am looking for an outfit for LuckyFABB in two weeks and I might have to go look for a great maxi dress. LA is the land of relaxed cool, afterall!

  28. great post :) love festival styling.


  29. What great choices! I especially loved the hats and jewelry.

    Stay Glamorous,


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