Style-Delights: 5 Undercover Agents We All Need (Besides Mr Bond!)

July 23, 2011

5 Undercover Agents We All Need (Besides Mr Bond!)

In a recent interview Katie Holmes said that for instant feel-beautiful fix, she turns to a pretty underwear. And I couldn't agree more. Besides making you feel pretty, your undergarments also lay the foundation of your outfits. An ill fitting undergarment not only ruins the outfit, but can ruin your whole day! Beauty part aside, an undergarment should also be practical and most importantly, comfortable! There are certain dresses and outfits where you need some extra help in the lingerie department and having just a beautiful piece of underwear doesn't cut it. So when you want some covert style operation carried out, turn to these nifty undercover agents!

1. Bra Strap Converter

This one is my favorite. We all have a favorite bra, but it may not work with different styles of tops and dresses. The bra strap converter can change a regular bra into a racerback or a halter bra to work with deep cut tops, racer back  blouse or a halter dress.

2. Gel Pad Bra Inserts

Have a well fitting bra but need some boost in the cleavage department? Try the gel pad inserts for that special occasion:-) 

3. Stick-On Bras
Hilary Swank's stunning backless Oscar dress inspired you to buy that bold plunging back  dress? Try the stick on bras for a shapely bosom and show off the smooth back without the bra strap!

4. Spandex

Best invention since sliced bread? You bet!  Smooth out the tummy, shape the thighs, lose the back cleavage with spandex body shapers. Post baby body will thank you:-) specially if you plan to wear a body hugging dress!

5. Double Sided Adhesive Tape

As I had mentioned in one of my blog posts - peeking bra straps are one of my style peeves! The double sided tape not only keeps the lingerie in check, it can stick the cloth to skin or cloth to cloth as and when you need it!

Buy these lingerie helpers here - 


  1. Double-sided adhesive tapes are my faves and I carry them wherever I travel. They're my must have quick fix tools, just like the lip balm, hand cream and the Tide To Go :)

  2. I am a believer of the stick on bra and the double-sided tape, always stocked. Thanks for posting.

    Liz Lizo

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